Lionsgate Hopeful For ‘Nashville’ Revival: Which Network Should Pick Up Season 5?

Lionsgate studio executives have revealed they are hopeful for a Nashville revival. The question now is which network should pick up the show for Season 5?

Days after the series finale of Nashville aired on ABC, angering many fans with the cliffhanger ending, Lionsgate has shared that there is a lot of interest in the show. According to Rolling Stone the powers that be at the studio have confirmed that at least five other parties are interested in picking up Nashville for Season 5.

Although the article does not specifically name any network or streaming studio, there does seem to be hope for die hard fans of the TV show Nashville. That is actually the reason why Lionsgate chose to air a cliffhanger ending on ABC, as opposed to a series wrap-up ending. The studio has also revealed that there is an alternate ending for the show. If, for some reason, the show really is over, Lionsgate will make the alternate ending available to fans.

Now that a possible Nashville revival is in the works, the only question that remains is this: Which network the show soon call home? Nashville is an popular show and deserves a network that is going to support it. Plus, it obviously needs a home where it makes sense in the network’s lineup and is beneficial to all parties involved.

It clearly makes sense for Nashville to end up on CMT or even Great American Country. Both networks are all about supporting the country music scene and considering that is a big premise for the show, those two networks would be the logical choices. Plus, having a hit show like Nashville on either of the networks would be a big deal, perhaps even ratings gold if you will.

However, a network doesn’t have to be based on country music for the show to be a good fit. Lifetime or WETV would each be a good fit for Nashville to call home in Season 5. Both networks focus on women viewers and could easily fit the hit show into their schedules, although the later seems to be more about reality TV than scripted dramas.

A Nashville revival also might make sense on Bravo or E! network. Both networks are heavily into reality TV shows, and both have successfully moved into the scripted series arena in that past couple of years. Adding an already established show like Nashville to either of their lineups could be game changer giving the networks a new edge.

There is always the chance that a Nashville revival will happen on Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu. While Amazon and Hulu seem to be all about creating their own new shows, Netflix has been reviving shows along with creating their own. Gilmore Girls, Fuller House, and Longmire are now calling Netflix home, so it would be logical that Netflix would pursue Nashville. On the flipside, though, since Netlfix has had such success, revivals Hulu and Amazon may be looking to follow suit.

Wherever the hit show ends up, there is one thing that is certain, the entire cast will be back for Season 5. Lionsgate shared that should a Nashville revival happen, the cast is all on board to continue with the show. That is a really big fact in negotiations and should make it easier for the show to get picked up.

While fans are waiting with anticipation to find out if Nashville will land a new home for Season 5, the powers that be at Lionsgate are hopeful that the show will go on for many years. Here is hoping that fans will hear some good news soon.

Which network do you think Nashville will call home for Season 5? Share your thoughts in the below comments section.

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Staff/Getty Images]