Is Chelsea Houska The Least Dramatic Mother On ‘Teen Mom 2’? Her New Workout Partner Suggests She Is

With none of the girls from Teen Mom 2 in a committed relationship with the father of the child they had when the show started (and most going on to have a second child with someone different), the parents of this MTV show are constantly fighting, feuding, and causing drama. Chelsea Houska, the mother of Aubree Lind, is often labeled as the least dramatic and best mother out of the girls in Teen Mom 2. On Twitter, Chelsea Houska continued to support the theory of many fans that she is the least dramatic of the group by her unexpected choice in workout partner – Taylor Halbur.

In a tweet from two days ago, Chelsea Houska revealed that in an attempt to continue to get in shape for her upcoming wedding she was working out with Taylor Halbur. Halbur is the former girlfriend to Adam Lind. She is also the mother of Paislee, Adam’s two-year-old daughter.

In the tweet below, Chelsea Houska shares what she is eating and what she is imagining she would be eating if she wasn’t trying to lose weight in preparation for her wedding.

According to Enstarz, Chelsea Houska may be making her weight loss efforts in preparation for the wedding very public, but she has no plans of getting married to Cole DeBoer while the MTV cameras are rolling.

“Our wedding is just something so personal and we’re having a small intimate wedding and it just didn’t feel right just for us to have it aired to millions of people. Even though I appreciate the support and I’m [Chelsea] so grateful for everyone who is so happy for us, people will be able to see the planning and pictures and stuff like that so I’m not leaving them with nothing.”

Chelsea Houska plans on sharing pictures and making the plans of wedding public, but Chelsea does not want to share something that is supposed to be small and intimate with everyone who watches Teen Mom 2.

“It’s mostly just family and Cole’s friends. We like the fall. The weather is perfect around that time so that’s what we’re thinking. We’re not really doing a set color scheme, it’s just kind of fall colors.”

While the plan is for Chelsea Houska and Cole to be wed this year, they have yet to set an official day for the wedding.

Unlike Chelsea Houska, the other three mothers from Teen Mom 2 have all been in the headlines for something dramatic.

Leah Messer has been in the headlines for weeks as she continues to get slammed by critics for her poor parenting skills. Leah was slammed for not feeding her girls properly and she was slammed for coaxing her daughter into saying things that were not true when her daughter revealed during an episode that Miranda does not give them as much attention as the baby and forces her to carry a heavy backpack.

Jenelle Evans has been in the headlines for everything from pregnancy rumors to her custody battle with Nathan Griffith for Kaiser. After the Teen Mom 2 star posted a picture with what appeared to be a baby bump, she immediately posted a statement saying it was just healthy weight she had gained and that she was definitely not pregnant.

While Chelsea Houska is getting ready to start a marriage with Cole, Kailyn Lowry is ending her marriage with Javi. Rumors of Kailyn and Javi getting a divorce swirled the internet and social media for weeks before the two finally confirmed they were getting a divorce.

The closest thing to drama in Chelsea Houska’s life is her desire to change Aubree’s last name from Lind to DeBoer after she and Cole get married. Chelsea, however, has made it clear that her interest in changing Aubree’s name is not stemming from a malicious place. Chelsea wants to change her daughter’s name so when she and Cole have more children Aubree does not feel secluded with a different last name then the rest of the family.

Unfortunately, Chelsea Houska talked to a lawyer who told her the chances of Aubree’s name being changed were unlikely as Adam Lind would have to sign off on the name change and he has made it clear he was not willing to do that. The lawyer told Chelsea it would be easier to try to get Aubree’s name changed if she and Cole waited until after they had children. Otherwise, Houska would need permission from Lind to get the name changed.

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[Image via Instagram/Chelsea Houska]