Kate Middleton On The Tensions Between She And Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice

Is all well between Kate Middleton and Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie? The trio was recently spotted making an appearance at a Buckingham Palace garden party and the Princesses did not look entirely thrilled with Middleton, as the Daily Mail relays.

“Spare a thought, then, for Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. This week at a Buckingham Palace garden party, the sisters were pictured trailing in the wake of Kate, who was a vision in a fitted cream Alexander McQueen coat. The three women weren’t walking together, gossiping companionably, as you might imagine, say, Zara Phillips, Beatrice and Eugenie might have done. More than that, the Princesses were giving the Duchess what would appear to be some rather chilly looks.”

It would certainly be an unpleasant situation for the Princesses as they walked behind the ever-elegant and beautiful Duchess, who quite simply is a stunner and in top shape. It’s not difficult to be outshone by Kate either. Even Hollywood A-listers and women of political power have been left looking a bit underwhelming next to the royal, as the publication reminds.

“Nicole Kidman to First Lady Michelle Obama — have been left looking a little dull in the Duchess’s radiant presence.”

However, the tensions between Kate and Sarah Ferguson’s daughters goes back years to before she and Prince William were even married. Their unfavorable view of one another is based upon more than just a competitiveness to appeal to the masses, it involves a brief relationship that one of the sisters’ friends had with Prince William while he and Kate were on a break from their pre-marital romance. The publication shares in regards to this and also adds that Eugenie and Beatrice have been guilty of slighting the Duchess’ younger sister Pippa Middleton.

“Tensions are said to have begun to surface in the early years of Kate’s relationship with William — and are rooted in far more than mere sartorial competitiveness. From Beatrice and Eugenie remaining close pals with the one woman by whom Kate has ever felt threatened — the stunning Isabella Branson, whom William is said to have propositioned during the couple’s brief split — to perceived slights against Kate’s sister Pippa by the Princesses, the relationship between the three women is not as easy as it could be.”

The popularity that Kate Middleton and Prince William garner from the public and press also seem to be a sore point for the sisters. As US Weekly shares, the Duchess did look radiant as ever in a recycled ensemble at the garden party all were in attendance of. A guest at the recent garden party who witnessed the behavior of Kate and her hubby along with Eugenie and Beatrice shares the scenario.

“As William and Kate were ushered by a flurry of flunkeys down a long line of excited people, who stopped and stared or rushed forward trying to think of something to say, Beatrice and Eugenie were just left to go walkabout on their own — which they did very sweetly and well, spending a long time talking to all the people in wheelchairs. There was no sense of rush with them.”

The guest, however, went on to say that the difference in the level of interest and draw to the Cambridges over the Princesses was obvious at the event. The guest went on to suggest that seeing as there were a number of garden parties, it may have been kinder for the sisters to attend an alternative party in order to not be overshadowed by the woman with whom they have such tensions.

“As there were three separate garden parties, it might have been kinder to let Beatrice and Eugenie be the young stars in their own right at one of the other two, rather than go around in the shadow of the Cambridges. Few egos are small enough to cope with this kind of thing.’

[Photo by Chris Jackson, Getty Images]