‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Kailyn Lowry And Javi Marroquin Split — The Shocking Reasons Behind Their Divorce

Teen Mom 2 stars Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin haven’t had the smoothest marriage over the years. Despite sticking it out through six seasons of the reality show, the two are ready to finally call it quits.

Why did Lowry and Marroquin, who is currently deployed, decide to divorce?

According to Ok! Magazine, years of fighting finally took a toll on their relationship. Coupled with a devastating miscarriage, the two decided to part ways for good.

As fans will recall, Lowry and Marroquin have a history of getting into epic arguments. Back in Season 3 of Teen Mom 2, their fight turned physical as the couple came close to splitting up.

“I want to f**king punch you,” Lowry screamed at Marroquin after grabbing his face.

“God, I f**king hate you,” Marroquin answered. “And that’s why we’re f**king breaking up.”

The trust issues between Marroquin and Lowry didn’t stop there. While Lowry went out for a night with her friends, Marroquin bashed her for not spending more time with her family.

“Your kids are here. You don’t need to stay that long. You are a bad mom,” Marroquin texted her. “You need to think about your family.”

More recently, the couple has come under fire for multiple cheating scandals. In a recent installment, fans watched as Marroquin accused Lowry of cheating with a man from her school named Tyler Hill.

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin cheating rumors surface.
At the same time, one of Lowry’s ex-boyfriends recently revealed on social media that he had spent some time with Lowry. In response, Lowry denied that she had hung out with her ex.

Marroquin has faced his share of cheating rumors as well. In fact, Lowry recently admitted that she thinks her husband is having an affair with a mystery woman.

“Kail believes Javi cheated with a woman he’s been hanging out with,” a source explained. “It’s definitely over.”

Their time in front of the cameras has not helped their marriage. In fact, an inside source shared that Teen Mom 2 also played a role in their divorce.

“The cameras put a lot of pressure on them because they always want to be right on camera and don’t want to look like jerks, but then they fight and both look stupid,” the insider stated. “Filming is so stressful on their marriage.”

Meanwhile, The Daily Mail has confirmed that Lowry and Marroquin are planning on divorcing each other. Lowry told the outlet that she and Marroquin are splitting up but are still thinking about what is best for their children.

“We’re trying to do the best we can for our kids because they are what really matter,” she stated.

Marroquin is currently on deployment in the military. Earlier this season, fans watched as Marroquin shipped out to an unknown location.

'Teen Mom 2' Season Seven
Ever since his departure, Marroquin has only been able to interact with his family via Facetime. Despite the distance, the two still managed to get on each other’s nerves.

In a particularly emotional Facetime chat, Marroquin opened up about how he doesn’t think Lowry is emotionally invested in their relationship.

“What emotions go through your body?” he asked Lowry. “Honestly, I just feel like you don’t care. You just don’t even ask how I’m doing.”

In response, Lowry didn’t exactly alleviate the situation.

“I’m gonna hang up now because that’s bulls***,” she stated. “I’m going to go because this isn’t going anywhere.”

To make matters worse, the couple recently went through a heartbreaking miscarriage with their second child. The ordeal was devastating for Lowry, who didn’t feel as though Marroquin shared her grief.

“He was just a different person. He was mean to me, we weren’t communicating. He shut down, it was like a light switch, everything changed,” Lowry revealed.

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