Want To Buy The ‘Full House’ House? Now’s Your Chance!

For anyone that was a 90s sitcom lover and avid watcher of T.G.I.F programs every Friday, Full House was likely a show you tuned in for religiously. For all of the Full House and Fuller House fanatics out there, now’s your chance to have a real piece of the Tanner-residence days, seeing as the San Francisco home that was used for the exterior shot of the family’s home has hit the market.

Realtor shares details about the real-estate beauty that can be yours for a few million.

“The three-bedroom San Francisco Victorian home that served as the exterior of the Tanner residence on Full House is for sale for a cool $4.15 million.”

The stately home is located at 1709 Broderick Street in lower Pacific Heights. It is 3,125 square feet and although in the show’s opening credits features an off-white facade and a red door, the home now has a purple color scheme. If purple isn’t your color, a quick paint job will easily do the trick to fix that.

The interior clearly does not match that of the hit 90s sitcom and recent Netflix series either. Entertainment Weekly shares what will welcome you when visiting your new home, should you choose to make it your own.

“The interior doesn’t match the one on the show either, as Full House was filmed on a soundstage. Instead, incoming residents will have to make do with a spacious floor plan,’ ‘soaring ceilings,’ and a ‘classically designed garden.'”

The realty page gives additional details about the property that could possibly entice anyone in the market for a new home.

“1709 Broderick Street represents a unique opportunity to own a rare piece of San Francisco history. Originally constructed in 1883 this Charles Lewis Hinkel home is one of the city’s finest examples Italianate, Victorian architecture. The interior of this magnificent property is sophisticated, comfortable, and timeless with a spacious floor plan, soaring ceilings, 3 bedrooms, office and 3 1/2 baths. A large eat-in island kitchen boasts professional style appliances and overlooks the sunny, classically designed garden. Located on a picturesque, tree-lined street, 1709 Broderick is convenient to transit, shopping and dining.”

The home certainly sounds like as much of a stunner inside as it is outside. As noted, the 90s hit sitcom that millions would tune in for weekly, Full House, made this house famous, so much so that visits to San Francisco, often involve a stop by the gorgeous home on Broderick Street when out -of-town fans make their way to the city.

The latest spawn of the show, entitled Fuller House, dropped earlier this year on Netflix as an original series and brought fans new and old to binge watch the humorous issues faced by the next generation under the same roof. Reviews for the new show were certainly mixed, yet true Full House fans made it their duty to watch and the spin off also brought a new generation of viewers to tune in.

EW shares about what the draw is to the show that was not received entirely well by critics.

“Though the series was not received particularly well by critics, Fuller House trades largely in nostalgia and in the familiar, making it a favorite for Full House die-hards. If you’re all caught up — or if you just want to know what the series is all about…”

Most of the cast from the original hit show made their way back for the spin off, aside from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who declined the opportunity to reprise their role as daughter Michelle. The show is coming back for a 2nd season, whether critics like it or not.

[Photo via Youtube]