Sarah Seawright Mugshot: Arkansas Woman Gains Fame As #PrisonBae After Her Hot Mugshot Goes Viral

Sarah Seawright may be in legal trouble, but the Arkansas woman’s so-called “hot mugshot” is earning plenty of supporters on the internet and earning her fame as a #PrisonBae.

Like a handful of criminal suspects before her, Seawright is gaining fame for an attractive police mugshot that has gone viral on social media. Sarah Seawright was taken into custody back in April after failing to show for a court appearance, ABC Little Rock reported. She has been charged with aggravated robbery, kidnapping, first-degree battery, hindering prosecution and tampering with physical evidence, Pulaski County records showed.

But fans seemed to care little for her rap sheet, instead fawning over her good looks. Seawright’s mugshot made it to the internet thanks to the Tumblr site UglyPlastic, which is apparently dedicated to finding and publishing mugshots of attractive women. Seawright was a hit for some reason, with many Twitter users showing their support for the attractive suspect.

Seawright’s mugshot looks something a little closer to an acting headshot, with favorable lighting and a slight smile from the accused. She has since bonded out on the charges and is home, the New York Post reported.

Many offered to help to so-called #PrisonBae, and some users even tried to convince former NFL star Chad Ochocinco to help bail Sarah Seawright out, but he apparently wasn’t in the mood.

Sarah Seawright is far from the first person to gain fame thanks to an attractive mugshot. In 2014, Jeremy Meeks gained fame as the “hot mugshot guy” after he was booked on weapons charges. Many noted his model-like good looks and piercing eyes.

The attention wasn’t able to save Jeremy Meeks from a conviction on his charges, but he was able to turn his fame into a chance at a new career. He gained offers from a handful of agents and capitalized on the attention after serving a 27-month sentence in a California prison.

“We have a lot in store regarding Jeremy’s new career,” Meek’s agent, Jim Jordan, said in a statement after Meeks was released from prison. “There are a multitude of offers on the table. Jeremy is humbled and grateful and overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, support, and prayers for him and his family.”

As Hollywood Life noted, Jeremy Meeks got his modeling career started by releasing a new photo on social media after his March 2016 release, showing that his 15 minutes of fame were not over yet.

“Jeremy Meeks is back and ready to take over the world! You might remember this handsome face as the mugshot seen around the world, because Jeremy was the “hot mugshot guy” that went viral due to his delicious looks. Now, one year after all the hype, Jeremy has been released from jail and is ready to embrace his newfound fame.”

“Jeremy posted his very first photo out of jail the same day he was released, Wednesday, March 9, and it’s almost as if being in jail for so long made him hotter. Looking tan, showing off his tattoos, and rocking a white shirt, Jeremy is posing with fashion photographer Jim Jordan. Swoon!”

Meeks sent a message to friends and family, thanking them for their support and saying he was “grateful for what lies ahead.”

It’s not clear what might be in the future for Sarah Seawright after her hot mugshot went viral, but the Arkansas woman appears to already be capitalizing on the newfound fame. She posted her amazement on Facebook that the mugshot went viral and used it as a chance to share her Snapchat handle to a wider audience. Seawright even had a defiant message for her detractors, writing, “Keep the hate coming I WAS BUILT FOR THIS!”

[Image via Pulaski County Police Department]