Experts: Taylor Swift And Conor Kennedy Headed For Trouble

Taylor Swift, the country sensation who has been taking the music world by storm, may have a problem according to psychological experts. Swift seems to get involved in relationships that go too far too fast, and they do not end well. This revelation doesn’t bode well for her current fling with 18-year-old Conor Kennedy, her rumored boyfriend.

When Swift was dating Jake Gyllenhaal in 2010, it took just a couple of weeks before she was at his parents’ house for Thanksgiving Dinner. The couple split before January of that year.

People magazine reported this week that Swift just purchased a home next door to Kennedy’s family in Massachusetts.

Clinical Psychologist and Relationship specialist, Dr. Ann Wexler, tells FOX411’s Pop Tarts:

“It can be dangerous when you pair the impulsivity of youth with the financial means of a mega-star. There are no natural limits to what young celebrities can do and they probably are too young to know how to limit themselves.”

Dr. Terri Orbach, a relationship expert, also told Fox:

“I think the four-year age gap between 18 and 22 is significant. He seems too young for her, given that people mature, grow, and experience so much during those four years,”

Orbach also said that the couple living so close together could also be a significant problem. She said:

“Living so close to Conor may create tension and conflict for Conor and his family. Will she be invited to all family functions? Will they be able to see Conor by himself? Will Conor be caught in the middle?”

Swift and Kennedy have already run into some problems when they showed up to a wedding last week at the Kennedy compound and were asked to leave by the mother of the bride. The incident made the press and Swift looked pretty bad as a result.

Swift also has a tendency to have rocky breakups, and they usually inspire her to write songs about her exes. Will she write a song about a Kennedy? We will have to see how many hits she produces from this fling!