‘Missing Dial’ Update: Cody Dial’s Parents Submit DNA To See If Body Found Belongs To Cody

Cody Dial has been missing since July of 2014, and now as the show Missing Dial has started it appears that Cody may have been located. The Tico Times shared that the family is just waiting on the DNA test to come back.

On Thursday, they turned in DNA of their son Cody Dial to authorities so it can be checked. A few more details about the body they found that they think is Cody are coming out now.

At this time, they are not saying what the cause of death was, but it is now believed that robbery was not involved in the death of this unidentified person that they believe is Cody Dial.

These remains were found in Corcovado National Park on May 20. Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) Director Walter Espinoza told reporters that bits of paper money, a compass and other valuables were found on this body. If it has been robbery, of course, the body that is believed to be Cody Dial would not have these items with them still.

They are now doing a DNA test to see if the bones that were located belong to Cody Dial. It could take weeks to get an answer about if Cody has really been located or not. Cody Dial’s passport was found near this body along with other personal items that his parents confirmed belonged to Cody.

Anthropologist Georgina Pacheco was part of the OIJ forensic team, and she shared a few details. Pacheco said that these remains were found in a creek right in the middle. It was in an area of the park that is known as Quebrada Doctor.

At this time, Cody Dial’s parents are feeling some closure knowing that Cody might have been located. They have never given up on looking for him and the show Missing Dial is all about their journey to find their son. The fact that it looks like Cody may have been located around the same time the show started airing is pretty shocking.

People shared a preview for the upcoming episode of Missing Dial. This will be the second episode of six in this series. They also shared a few more details about the body that was found. At this time, it is classified as a homicide, but they will check and see if this is what happened or if he died of some kind of natural causes or something happened in the jungle. Cody’s father Roman Dial shared details about Cody’s belongings.

“The backpack that the Embassy had was left in the town as storage, with his mountain climbing clothing and sleeping bag and other things he did not need in the rainforest. The backpack he bought in San Jose only days before heading into Corcovado. I found this by tracking down his bank records and visiting the store he’d spent the money in. It was a style and size much better suited for the type of trip he was undertaking. Rainforest organisms do not degrade synthetics very quickly, but the glues holding the shoes together do disintegrate. The shoes are exactly like the ones he wore when we were in Mexico together the previous January. All of the objects found appear to have been in the jungle this entire time.”

Do you think that they have finally found the body of missing hiker Cody Dial? Are you shocked that this all went down around the same time that Missing Dial started? Sound off in the comments below, and don’t miss the new episodes of Missing Dial on Sunday nights on National Geographic.

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