Christina Aguilera Rocks Semi-Nude Body Suit In “Your Body” [Photos]

Christina Aguilera, best known as X-tina, is not known as being the most bashful of celebrities. She has appeared semi-nude on multiple occasions, appearing pantsless and wearing nipple showing tops and has redefined skin tight in many ways. She usually dons these types of dresses in a very public way. This time, while filming a video for her new single, “Your Body,” Christina managed to combine all of the above. Only this time she also cut out large swatches of cloth from the little she is wearing.

Christina showed up in a dress sporting a massive amount of side boob and large portions of her butt in the new dress. She has been trying to make a statement ever since signing on to be a judge on the hit show, The Voice, and, with this number, she is getting it done. She coupled the dress with pink stiletto heels and a pink wig.

E!’s Gina Serpe writes that:

“While last we saw Christina, she was doing her thing with some purple tips, this time around, pink is the color du jour. And apparently nothing short of a double dose of the hue will do, as Aguilera not only showed off a pink all-over color on her dip-dyed locks, but had fuchsia tips to match.”

Christina tweeted a photo of herself wearing the new get up meant to please. No one knew what they were in for until seeing the new outfit. The only thing we know for sure is that seeing this dress is definitely going to make people want to see the video.

Christina Aguilera