A Gang Rape In Brazil Shocked The Nation When A Video Surfaced Of An Unconscious 16-Year-Old Surrounded By Mocking Attackers

A gang rape in Brazil shocked the nation when a 38-second video of a 16-year-old naked and unconscious girl surfaced on social media. In the video, male voices were bragging about how more than 30 men had sex with her. They showed close-ups of her genitalia, used profane language, and poked at her. One of the suspects even posted a selfie with the victim.

The rape occurred on Saturday in a poor, crime-ridden area of Sao Joao, on the west side of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The girl was visiting her boyfriend and later woke up in another house where she said there were dozens of men armed with rifles and guns. The victim reported that 33 of them raped her. Law enforcement is not certain if it was 33 or 36, but four men have been identified, including one who appeared on the video, two who were heard on the video, and a 19-year-old boyfriend.

The girl commented to a local paper on her feelings after suffering the gang rape, per the Toronto Sun.

“I want them to await the justice of God. I feel like trash. It’s the stigma that hurts me the most. It is as if people are saying ‘it’s her fault. She was using scanty clothes.’ I want people to know that it is not the woman’s fault. You can’t blame a robbery victim, for being robbed.”

At press time, police had not spoken to those identified or issued arrest warrants pending further investigation. Rape allegations and violations of the internet laws of Brazil are being investigated. Forensic evidence will be reviewed, and suspects will be questioned.

On Tuesday, the interim president of Brazil, Michel Temer, denounced the incident and called together an emergency meeting of heads of security from every state in Brazil, per CNN.

“It is absurd that still in the 21st century we have to live with barbaric crimes like this.”

Fernando Veloso, head of the civil police in Rio de Janeiro said, “The extreme violence we’re dealing (with) has shocked everyone. It even shocked the police,” added CNN.

The Toronto Sun also reported that when Veloso was asked if the girl’s life was in danger for reporting the incident, he responded based on the level of violence in Brazil.

“That would be a subjective answer. Who isn’t at risk in Rio de Janeiro?”

Details are emerging on the motive behind the attack. The teen’s family reported that after the girl visited her boyfriend on Saturday, she returned home upset and wearing men’s clothes but said nothing about the rape.

What happened to the girl was revealed when several men mocked the girl online. When the short video was posted on Twitter two days later, it received 500 “likes” before it was removed, but the girl’s family saw the video. More than 800 called into a hotline that requested information on the whereabouts of the attackers.

Her grandmother told the local news that what happened to the girl was revenge because her boyfriend thought she had cheated on him. The teenager, who was treated at the hospital, posted a message to her social media account. She stated that she was afraid of being judged harshly after the gang rape, noted the Guardian.

“It does not hurt the uterus, but the soul because there are cruel people who are getting away with it.”

Although this gang rape in Brazil has shocked most, there were men who said the girl was responsible because she wore a short skirt and used drugs or alcohol. It is unclear whether she was given a date rape drug. On Friday, there was a protest against the culture of violence against women in Brazil, which includes domestic violence as well as rape, and thousands attended in support of the victim.

[Photo by Leo Correa/AP]