Lindsay Lohan Is Now Officially A Suspect In Jewelry Theft

Lindsay Lohan has been officially named as a suspect in a recent jewelry theft, according to The Daily Mail. Although police originally told Lohan that she wasn’t a suspect in the case, it would seem they’ve had a sudden change of heart. Not only has the troubled Hollywood actress been named as a suspect, her assistant is being investigated by police as well. Wherever Lindsay goes, trouble always seems to follow.

TMZ reports that the whole sordid affair began during a party in the Hollywood Hills, a shindig that was attended by Lohan and a few of her friends, who may or may not have been invited. Instead of going home at the end of the evening, Lindsay decided to simply crash at the house for the night. The following morning, the owner claimed that some jewelry had turned up missing, and the police were promptly summoned to the property.

Although the home owner, Sam Magid, didn’t believe that Lohan had stolen anything, he couldn’t say the same for the gentlemen she brought to the party. The actress, of course, denied taking the jewelry. When asked if she was as suspect in the theft, an officer reportedly told Lohan that she was free to go.

According to TMZ, police have named both Lindsay Lohan and her assistant, Gavin Doyle, as suspects in the case. Although Magid has since recanted his statement regarding the $100,000 worth of stolen goods, authorities aren’t so quick to close the case. Sources told the celebrity gossip website that police may have independent witnesses who can testify that Lohan and Doyle are the culprits.

This isn’t the first time Lohan has been accused of stealing things that don’t belong to her. Last May, the actress was sentenced to 120 days in jail for stealing a $25,000 necklace from a Los Angeles boutique. Although Lindsay claimed the jewelry was a loaner, she ultimately pleaded no contest to the charges.