Formula One Billionaire Bernie Ecclestone Weds Fabiana Flosi

Formula One founder and billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, 81, wed his 35-year-old wife Fabiana Flosi over the weekend. The Brazilian marketing director married her much older husband at his exclusive Le Leon property located at the Gstaad resort.

The couple first came out about their engagement in April after Ecclestone presented her with a $100,000 engagement ring.

Ecclestone and Flosi began to date in 2009, almost immediately following Ecclestone’s divorce from wife of 23-years Slavica. Ecclestone and Fabiana met while she was working as Formula F1’s vice-president of marketing on the Brazilian Grand Prix.

The wedding appeared to have two detractors, daughter’s Tamara and Petra who failed to attend their fathers wedding and instead stayed at their mansion in Los Angeles. Tamara didn’t even take to her Twitter account to announce her fathers wedding or to congratulate the happy couple. Instead, Tamara chose to stay unusually silent until Monday when she tweeted:

“Sorry I’ve been quiet recently, how are you all?”

The wedding snub shouldn’t have come as a surprise; back in May, Tamara flat out told The Mail that she would not be attending her father’s wedding in order to show support for her mother Slavica.

According to Newsoxy:

“Family sources said relations between Ecclestone and his daughters had been further strained by his decision to marry at Le Lion, the chalet where the entire family spend Christmas and where Tamara had previously hoped to marry.”

In the meantime, the billionaire is now married to his much younger wife, and it looks like family hot spots are off the roster if he wants to spend time with his daughters and his new wife at the same time.