Lacey Hirst-Pavek, Michelle Kitterman: Ice Pick Death Of Pregnant Mother For Affair With Husband On ‘She Made Me Do It’

Lacey Hirst-Pavek, the jealous Washington wife who had pregnant single mother Michelle Lee Kitterman killed with a ice pick for having an affair with her husband, will be the main story to air this Saturday evening on Oxygen’s Snapped: She Made Me Do It. In the episode titled, “Lacey Hirst-Pavek,” investigators are baffled when they find the body of a pregnant mother on the side of the road, leading to rumors that drug dealers may have killed her for being a snitch. However, the police investigation will reveal that the motive for murder may not have been drug-related at all. On this riveting episode of She Made Me Do It, follow along as the real detectives reveal how they solved the case.

Michelle Kitterman Murder: Tonasket, Okanogan County, Washington

On an afternoon in March 2009, investigators were dispatched to an isolated road near Fish Lake and North Pine Creek, off of Stalder Road in Washington, where they found the body of a deceased white female. The body was later determined to be 25-year-old Michelle Kitterman, aka Michelle Lee Kitterman, of Oroville. The autopsy report stated that the woman had been choked, beaten, and stabbed over 30 times.

Several weeks later, two suspects–Tansy Mathis and Brent Phillips, were arrested in connection with Michelle Kitterman’s death. In the beginning, it appeared as though, Kitterman, a single mother who had issues with drug addiction, may have crossed paths with a drug dealer and was killed for it. However, a more penetrative investigation suggested that one more person was involved, a woman named Lacey Hirst-Pavek, who detectives learned was the wife of Daniel Pavek, Michelle Kitterman’s lover. Lacey had found out that Michelle Kittterman was pregnant with Daniel’s child, something that authorities say enraged Lacey.

Blinded by intense jealousy, Lacey decided to get the ultimate revenge by meeting up with Tansy Mathis, a woman she knew would help her get rid of Michelle. Tansy Mathis was a known meth dealer with lots of bad boy connections. After meeting up with Tansy Mathis a few times to finalize the details, Tansy agreed to accept a small payment. Then, Lacey Hirst-Pavek trusted Tansy to find some shady friends with criminal backgrounds who would go along with the plan. Prosecutors say Tansy Phillips made an agreement with David Richards, who then brought Brent Phillips on board.

Court records show that on the day of the murder, while Lacey Hirst-Pavek waited for word, Tansy and Brent Phillips showed up at Michelle Kitterman’s home where they smoked meth together. At that point, Brett and Tansy either kidnapped Michelle or she went with them willingly, as stated in the court records.

“Brett Phillips offered her methamphetamine, the three smoked it together, and Mathis then suggested that they all go to a nearby casino. Kitterman eventually agreed and they all left in the rental car. As the three neared the casino, Mathis pulled over because Kitterman wanted to smoke more methamphetamine and Mathis said she could not do it in the car. Once Kitterman was out of the car, Mathis told Phillips that Kitterman was the snitch. Phillips took this as his cue to assault Kitterman. Mathis soon joined him in the assault.”

Evidence eventually led back to the deadly trio, and then Lacey was connected to the murder through a rental car that she rented for Tansy Mathis, who later blamed Brent for escalating the planned assault to murder. Thirty-four-year-old Lacey Hirst-Pavek, 38-year old Brent “Hollywood” Phillips, 30-year-old Tansy Fay-Arwen Mathis, and 34-year-old David Eugene Richards were all convicted for Michelle Kitterman’s death.

Michelle Kitterman left behind a small son, and family members say despite the problems Michelle faced in her life, she never deserved to be killed and forever taken away from her child. There are several key players in this case. Be sure to watch the documentary tonight so that you can see how the story played out. Also, to get even more background, check out the local Topix discussion, where family members and locals discussed the murder. There is a ton of info there.

Tune into Snapped: She Made Me Do It tonight at 9/8 Central on Oxygen.

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