‘The 100’ Season 4: Darker Octavia, Clarke To Save The World, And Will Jaha Redeem Himself? [Spoilers]

The 100 Season 4 does not have a premiere date yet. However, fans are speculating it could return in early 2017, based on when the series has aired in the past. Now that Alie has been defeated, what can viewers expect? Spoilers reveal that Octavia could get darker, Clarke will try to save the world, and Jaha might redeem himself.

Warning: Spoilers for The 100 Season 4 are ahead.

On the Season 3 finale of The 100, Clarke managed to save the world with Lexa’s help. It was an intense and emotional episode, but it ended on a disturbing note. Alie told Clarke that the power plants are melting, which will result in the Earth being uninhabitable. Fans are not sure if Alie was telling the truth or not, but it does set up a storyline for Season 4.

Needless to say, Clarke will try to once again save her friends and the world in Season 4 of The 100. How that will happen is not known at this time, but Alie said the nuclear disaster would hit Earth in only six months. That is not a lot of time to do anything about it. Also, do Clarke and the others even have the resources, tools or knowledge to deal with a nuclear crisis? Besides the power plant issue, what else can be expected when the post-apocalyptic show returns to The CW?

As previously speculated by the Inquisitr, Octavia may be a big part of the story in Season 4. As fans know, Octavia had to watch as Lincoln was executed. She never really went through the full grieving process because of the Alie situation. However, in the Season 3 finale, she did kill Pike without hesitation. In Season 4 of The 100, could fans see a darker Octavia?

“Next season, you’re going to see Octavia take a lot of really dark turns and uncover some really nasty layers,” Marie Avgeropoulos told Just Jared. “That will be exciting for me as an actress. She’s always evolving and changing.”

In previous seasons of The 100, the writers have allowed the characters to redeem themselves. However, that won’t come easily for Jaha.

“There’s gonna be a long road of repair for Jaha’s character. A lot,” Isaiah Washington told E! News. “I’m really excited to see what the writers come up with to hopefully get him somewhere because you’ll see he takes a pretty hard fall. He’s got a lot of explaining to do.”

As fans recall, Jaha was the first person to be sucked into Alie’s spell. It was him that began convincing people to take Alie’s chip, which resulted in Arkadia’s destruction, many deaths and turmoil for several characters. There are a lot of people who would like to see Jaha dead. Will he hide or try to redeem himself? That isn’t known yet, but viewers hope that Jaha can prove himself trustworthy again. He not only has to deal with betraying the Sky Crew, but the Grounders are not going to be happy with Jaha either. The Grounders believe that “blood must have blood” and fans might see Jaha running for his life or trying to atone for his crimes.

What do you think is going to happen in The 100 Season 4? Can Clarke and the Sky Crew save the world from a nuclear disaster? How will Octavia deal with Lincoln’s death when The CW show returns? Can Jaha redeem himself or is he a dead man? What else can fans expect from Bellamy, Monty, Jasper, Raven, Abby and the other characters? Viewers will have to wait to find out.

There is no premiere date for The 100 Season 4. However, fans believe it could return between January and March, 2017.

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