DiCaprio, Maguire And Hardy Team Up For ‘Traffic’-Style Anti-Poaching Flick

Have you ever thought that it would be cool to see Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Tom Hardy team up on the big screen? We saw Leo and Tom in Inception, sure, and Leo and Tobey will be in The Great Gatsby, but we’re talking all three in the same movie together. Turns out, that’s absolutely going to happen in an upcoming movie about animal poaching.

The three are teaming up with Warner Bros. for an animal-trafficking film, the brainchild of Tom Hardy himself, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Hardy apparently got the idea from his friends in the Special Forces (he has friends in the Special Forces?! We knew this guy was cool) who went on to become anti-poaching crusaders in South Africa and other nations.

The as-yet unnamed film project will take a strong anti-poaching stance, and will sort of follow the model set by Traffic, Steven Soderbergh’s drug-trafficking drama. The movie is said to be a “multistory take on the various impacts of the war on drugs. In this case, the story would look at everything from the ground war on poachers in the African savanna to how animal material ends up in the fashion houses of Paris.”

“Great Gatsby goes to…Africa,” EOnline calls it, “But swap the lavish dresses and tuxes for guns and the all-night parties for the dangerous world of poaching. Then pop in The Dark Knight Rises’ Darth Vader-esque villain, and you’ve got yourself quite the movie.” We’re inclined to agree, the film sounds promising, and top-notch performances by Hardy, DiCaprio, and Maguire won’t hurt its chances.

Hardy, Maguire, and DiCaprio will all produce the film, but technically, we can’t say whether or not they’ll star in it together. Fingers crossed, ladies and gentlemen. Fingers crossed.