Obama Assassination Plotters Called Themselves ‘FEAR’

More shocking developments in the alleged plot to assassinate President Barack Obama: The group of four US soldiers who planned to overthrow the federal government and kill the Commander In Chief called itself “FEAR,” among other disturbing revelations.

The AP relayed more information about what prosecutors are saying regarding one Fort Stewart soldier, Pfc. Michael Burnett, who pleaded guilty to manslaughter and made a deal to cooperate with prosecutors against the three other soldiers. Aside from killing at least two people to keep the details of the plan to assassinate Obama secret, new revelations detail that the group called itself FEAR, or, Forever Enduring Always Ready. It isn’t currently known how many members the group has/had.

Burnett made a deal with prosecutors to testify against Pvt. Isaac Aguigui, identified by prosecutors as the militia’s founder and leader, and Sgt. Anthony Peden and Pvt. Christopher Salmon. Aguigui reportedly funded FEAR with $500,000 in insurance and benefit payments received from the death of his pregnant wife last year. Though Aguigui wasn’t charged in his wife’s death, the prosecutor found her death “highly suspicious.”

The money bought $87,000 worth of semiautomatic assault rifles, other guns, and bomb components, as well as land for his militia group in Washington state.

Aguigui called himself “the nicest cold-blooded murderer you will ever meet,” attended the 2008 RNC as a page, and had FEAR members tattooed with a symbol that resemble the anarchy symbol.

This case is beginning to sound like a disturbing and upside-down version of the plot of Valkyrie. No matter how dissatisfied anyone might be with President Obama, his policies, and his so-called “failed” first term in office, he’s hardly some despotic malevolent dictator. It pretty much goes without saying that it is not okay to assassinate the POTUS, no matter how much you disagree with him.