Chance The Rapper Is Just Having Fun In New Video For ‘No Problem’

Chance the Rapper has dropped a new video from his project Coloring Book. While the mixtape features 14 tracks, a music video for “Angels” and a live performance for “Blessings” were the only two songs to feature some sort of visual. However, Chance saw it fit to release a music video for “No Problem,” and let’s just say that it’s fire.

Featuring Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz, “No Problem” is as fun as it is a warning to the music industry.

Before the song kicks off, Chance comes in with a menacing line, stating, “If one more label try to stop me / It’s gon be some dreadhead n***as in ya lobby,” a line that is repeated a few times in the track, just to get the point across.

According to lyric annotation site Genius, the Chicago MC “has always been open about his disdain for record labels, going so far as to personify them as The Devil.” Chano has even revealed on multiple occasions (such as a line in his track “Finish Line / Drown” from Coloring Book, featuring T-Pain, Kirk Franklin, Eryn Allen Kane, and Noname) that labels incessantly try to prevent his creativity by either inhibiting certain collaborations or musical arrangements.

Chance the Rapper (real name Chancelor Bennett) and his longtime collaborator, Austin Vesely, both directed the video, which was released on Twitter before making its way to YouTube. The video features cameos from DJ Khaled, King Louie, Young Thug, a slew of (presumably) Chance’s friends, and the aforementioned Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz. All the while, Chano is dancing next to every person who cameos. It’s safe to say that Chance is having a good time — and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. He can’t stop dancing. And neither should you.

Coloring Book was released earlier this month (May 12) exclusively to Apple Music. An hour later, however, the project was leaked on DatPiff for free download. Immediately following its leak, though, the project was seized and taken down from DatPiff, retaining its Apple Music exclusivity for two weeks before being released for widespread consumption and download.

Although the mixtape hasn’t been out that long, it has already received critical acclaim among critics.

It currently has a 90 on Metacritic, and Pitchfork writer Kris Ex gave the tape a “Best New Album” rating, stating, “Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book is one of the strongest rap albums released this year, an uplifting mix of spiritual and grounded that even an atheist can catch the Spirit to.”

Since its release, Coloring Book as debuted at No. 8 on the Billboard 200 and has garnered a plethora of praise from fans and pundits alike. In its first week, the project generated over 57.3 million streams. Those are just streams alone, so who knows how many times the project has been downloaded, as that metric is currently unavailable.

Let’s just admit it and get it out of the way now: Chano is your favorite rapper, Coloring Book is your favorite project, and “No Problem” is your summertime jam. Whatever the case, Chance the Rapper is someone to keep an eye on, for sure. And know that you don’t want no problem with him, or “It’s gon be some dreadhead n***as in ya lobby.” You can watch the music video for “No Problem” above.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]