Is Kailyn Lowry Cold-Hearted During Her Divorce? Fans Have Harsh Words For Her

Kailyn Lowry has finally confirmed that her marriage is over. Even though Javi Marroquin is still overseas working with the Air Force, Kailyn has decided to pull the plug on her marriage. And on Teen Mom, fans are starting to see how the marriage is falling apart. The couple has already gone through some major hurdles, including a domestic violence incident, a miscarriage, and some severe trust issues. And now that Lowry has decided to keep her cool during the divorce, some people are lashing out at her.

According to a new report, Kailyn Lowry is now facing some haters after showing off a cool, calm, and collected attitude on social media. Maybe it is because Lowry hasn’t shared her feelings with her fans like Javi has. Marroquin recently let his feelings be known before he deleted his Twitter account, writing that he had given the marriage everything and that he was done fighting. He also hinted that he hoped that Kailyn would get the life she so desperately wanted. So when Lowry is tweeting about common chores during the day, fans are not happy with her stone-cold demeanor.

“It’s a struggle to find matching socks in this house sometimes,” Lowry revealed on Twitter this week, and fans were quick to share their thoughts.

“You might find the missing sock when you find your heart,” one person wrote back to Lowry, who thought she would tackle this hater with some humor, writing, “What do you mean? It’s right here,” while sharing a picture of some ice that looks like a frozen heart.

It sounds like Lowry doesn’t care that her followers don’t like the way she’s handling the divorce. But she does have some fans who understand why she’s keeping her feelings to herself.

“LOL this made my morning,” a supportive fan wrote to Kailyn, who replied with, “gotta throw it right back at em.”

Kailyn and Javi just announced the divorce this week, as Lowry announced that the divorce is indeed happening. There had been speculations for a long time, and the couple never really talked about it in public. But they did stop following one another on social media, and both of them tweeted messages that caused confusion, such as them needing a big change and staying strong through hurdles. They have not revealed why they are divorcing, but there could be many reasons.

OK! Magazine has outlined several theories as to why they are divorcing. Firstly, many speculate that Kailyn Lowry is the one calling the shots, as Javi doesn’t have access to a divorce lawyer in the states. Last year, the two struggled through some trust issues. Marroquin was convinced that Lowry was spending too much time with a male student at the university, as he was texting her at night. And a few episodes ago on Teen Mom, fans noticed that Kailyn was still getting text messages from this guy while Javi was serving overseas.

The couple’s troubles started years ago before they were married. Kailyn Lowry struggled with some personal issues, and she took the drama out on Javi. She pushed him, and she faced some serious criticism. But the final straw may have been when Kailyn recently suffered a miscarriage. Marroquin really wanted a baby, and he was frustrated when she lost the baby. He took the blame out on her but later apologized for acting out the way he did. Lowry, however, was shocked, and she may have given up on the marriage. One can imagine she will give an update when she sits down for the Teen Mom reunion special later this year.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s way of handling this divorce? Do you think she’s being cold-hearted, or do you think she’s right in keeping her feelings to herself?

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