‘The Walking Dead’ Actors Release New Spoof Video [Watch]

Actors from The Walking Dead have taken part in a new spoof video that parallels their own show with Star Wars and what appears to be a holiday special. The main characters for the spoof video were, of course, none other than Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln, who play Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes, respectively, on The Walking Dead.

The spoof video for The Walking Dead was part of an event that was held by NBC for charity, which is called NBC’s Red Nose Day Special. The event, according to TV Line, is now the second annual broadcast on the network that seems to be catching on and making a real difference in the world for children in need. That does not only mean children in underprivileged countries but children in the United States as well.

The parody video with the Walking Dead actors showed them collaborating on how they can best change the show and make it a bit “lighter.” Of course, the video also featured Andrew Lincoln talking in his native tongue (British), with Norman Reedus still in his usual tongue, which is the same dialect he uses on The Walking Dead.

There was also a moment when Reedus called Lincoln out for his use of certain words that are generally considered only native to people in England, but it also had echoes of a Shakespeare influence in them. What was for certain, though is that it would be nothing that you would ever see on The Walking Dead, but if it were, there is a good chance that Daryl Dixon would have had the same reaction as Norman Reedus.

That just goes to show you that Reedus does so well with his character on The Walking Dead because, in some small way, he is that character in real life. But that does not mean Reedus cannot act, given that he has pulled off stunning performances in movies like The Boondock Saints, where he used a strong Irish accent and gave the film all the mojo it needed to become the cult classic it is today.

The Walking Dead spoof video also had a comedic aspect to it, showing a trailer inside of it that featured the Walking Dead theme song with Star Wars-style visuals. In those visuals, fans could see Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha in The Walking Dead) “getting jiggy wit it” and there was also a special part where Melissa McBride (Carol on The Walking Dead) gets a special 16-minute drum solo, which just sounds really awesome for some reason. You also get a special appearance by Chris Hardwick (Talking Dead) and Josh McDermitt (Eugene in The Walking Dead) playing an audio technician for the production of the spoof show.

Fans of The Walking Dead have been reeling ever since that last episode of Season 6, where Negan killed a major character, but no one could see who it was. Although there have been speculation and conspiracy theories all over the internet about who got killed, there is sufficient evidence that once it is revealed, that may not be the biggest shocker in Season 7.

The Walking Dead is not a series that likes to keep its fans in the dark. Instead, the series gives its fans the most immersive experience when watching the show. The fact that death looms around every corner on the show is irrelevant. The Walking Dead is much more than a zombie series.

The post-apocalyptic landscape of The Walking Dead has just as much to do with standard survival as it does with killing zombies. It’s about who now has the most control, the most guns, and the biggest army. To put it simply, The Walking Dead is more about surviving the apocalypse than it is about zombies.

[Image via AMC]