NBC Threatens Howard Stern Over Jay Leno Insult

Howard Stern isn’t going to stop making fun of Jay Leno even if it means losing his job on America’s Got Talent.

Stern was apparently threatened by NBC after he ripped into Jay Leno last week. But Stern brushed it off saying that he’d rather lose his job than go easy on Leno.

Stern said:

“Yeah, I did hear from (NBC) actually. I got sort of a threatening kind of comment from one of the executives.”

After news broke last week that the Tonight Show was making cuts, Stern went on air and said that he didn’t buy the story that Leno had taken a pay cut to save some jobs on the show. Stern said:

“It’s all horse sh*t. It’s bullsh*t. It’s a smokescreen… Here’s what it really means, and you can take this to the bank: Jay Leno is a scumbag. That’s what that means. He’s a spineless maggot. Jay wanted to cut staff. He’s embarrassed to do it. He didn’t want to come off as a bad guy. NBC took the hit for him, because they’re a corporation … My bullsh*t meter is going off all over the place.”

Stern made it clear that he doesn’t like Leno but said that he would have put the issue to bed if he hadn’t received a threatening message from NBC.

Stern said:

“Do not tell me not to talk about Jay Leno, I will talk about Jay Leno for four f***ing hours if you tell me not to. I was done with Jay Leno, now I’m all fired up again. F***k Jay. Take my job away from me. Who cares? I love my job on AGT. I love working for the people at NBC. They’ve been nothing but wonderful. But please don’t tell me what to say… I’d rather leave the job than not talk about Jay Leno.”

Here’s the audio from Stern’s show. (The segment starts around the 1:30 mark. NSFW for language.)