Mysterious Cigar-Shaped UFO Spotted Hovering And Spinning 500 Feet Over Mississippi

A witness in Corinth, Mississippi, reports sighting a cigar-shaped UFO that was spinning as it hovered at an altitude of about 500 feet.

According to the witness in a report to MUFON filed as Case 76343, he was driving home westward on Highway 72 in Corinth after work at about 11 a.m. on May 13, 2016, and was about to make a right turn off the highway when he spotted a mysterious white and cigar-shaped object hovering in the sky over the highway.

Baffled at the sight of the unfamiliar object in the sky, he pulled over and got out of his car to look at it.

Because the sky was clear and nearly cloudless, the flashing white UFO stood out against the blue sky background.

“As I approached CR 735 to make a right turn I noticed a hyper white object in the sky,” the witness told MUFON, according to Open Minds TV. “I pulled my car over and got out to observe it. The sky was almost perfectly clear with a few light sparse clouds. The object stood out.”

The witness stood and observed carefully as the object hovered over a power pole. He noted that it was cylindrical or cigar-shaped and had smoothly rounded corners.

Standing still while looking up, the witness could judge from the position of the UFO relative to the power pole that it was stationery but spinning on its horizontal axis.

It continued spinning in the same position for more than three minutes before it began losing altitude while moving slowly northward. It was spinning at a uniform rate as it descended until it disappeared below the tree line.

“I stood perfectly still and observed a cylindrical object with rounded corners spinning slowly,” the witness recalled. “It was perfectly still while spinning on its horizontal axis. It remained locked on its position for over three minutes and then slowly descended while moving north. It continued to descend until it dipped below the tree line and I lost sight of it.”

The witness claimed to have snapped three images, but the UFO was not visible in the photographs. According to the witness, he had difficulty focusing and snapping a clear image because of the glare of the sun. The UFO was also spinning so fast that it was an obscure blur in the direction from which he observed it.

“It was hard to see the screen to aim the shot while the sun was shining on it,” he said. “The object seemed to spin at about 50-60 rpm which is why the pictures may not have captured it as it was turning and not very visible as the edges faced me.”

MUFON representative in Mississippi was reportedly investigating the sighting.

Cigar-shaped UFOs are rare compared with saucer, orb, and triangle-shaped UFOs. But there have been famous cases in recent years, the most notable being the sighting over Korosten, Ukraine, reported by Open Minds TV early in 2014.

Footage (see above) uploaded online, reportedly filmed on March 6, 2014, showed a large, elongated object floating over Korosten near Chernobyl.

Cigar-shaped UFOs are also reported frequently in connection with volcanoes, especially active Mexican volcanoes such as Popocatepetl and Colima.

A cigar-shaped UFO was reportedly sighted near Popocatepetl in May 2015. The UFO, with strange lights around it, was sighted floating in the sky over the famous volcano.

The Inquisitr reported in December 2015 the sighting of a “humongous” black, cigar-shaped UFO with bright lights at both ends over the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, Long Island.

The laboratory has a long history of being linked with UFO sightings. Multiple claims of strange UFO activity over the laboratory forced scientists at the facility to deny rumors that their work was linked to extraterrestrials and UFOs.

The witness in the 2015 sighting had assumed that the cigar-shaped UFO was linked to the facility.

“I think the reason I see so many UFOs here is because of Brookhaven Labs and the tests that they do there,” the witness said. “Here over Long Island I see a lot of strange UFOs.”

Rumors that government scientists at the laboratory were researching alien technology could be due to rumors about top-secret space projects — such as the rumored “Solar Warden” space project — based on advanced alien technology.

As the Huffington Post’s Lee Spiegel notes, cigar-shaped UFOs are often identified as motherships carrying smaller spacecraft, usually flying saucers or triangle-shaped craft. This could be due to the fact that cigar-shaped UFOs are linked intimately in UFO folklore with the alleged Pentagon top-secret “Solar Warden” fleet.

Solar Warden

The code name “Solar Warden,” for an alleged “above-top-secret” Pentagon space program, was made known to the world by Gary McKinnon, who hacked into the U.S. Space Command systems and stumbled upon files containing records of “non-terrestrial officers” and “fleet-to-fleet” transfers of the secret program.

The Solar Warden program allegedly operates a space fleet consisting of eight large cigar-shaped motherships and 43 smaller disc-shaped ones. Other conspiracy theorists claim it consists of nine cigar-shaped motherships and 59 smaller disc-shaped spacecraft operated by the US Naval Network and Space Operations Command (NNSOC).

NNSOC employs more than 300 personnel trained specially and stationed permanently in top-secret Pentagon colonies on the Moon and Mars, ostensibly to defend Earth against an alien threat. But in reality, according to conspiracy theorists, they were stationed in space to research and develop technology that would help the elite to escape Earth in the event of a global catastrophe.

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