Thailand Man’s Penis Bitten By Python While Using Toilet

A Thailand man’s worst nightmare came true earlier this week when a 10-foot-long python slithered through the plumbing of his home in Chachoengsao Province, east of Bangkok, and bit his penis while he was using the toilet.

Atthaporn Boonmakchuay screamed and tried helplessly to free himself from the strong jaws of the python. Eventually, he freed himself by tying a rope around the snake’s head and then securing one end of the rope to the bathroom door with the help of his wife and neighbor, according to the Independent. It took Boonmakchuay nearly 30 minutes to get his genitals out of the python’s mouth before he finally passed out from the pain.

“I fought it,” Atthaporn later told reporters. “I called my wife and she went to get the neighbour, the neighbour took a minute to arrive… All of a sudden, it began to lose some strength so I used my hand to prise its mouth open and the snake released its grip by itself.”

Emergency workers arrived to witness the blood-splattered bathroom and the python hanging from the door. The remainder of the snake’s body, however, was still in the Asian-style squat toilet, forcing the emergency workers to dismantle it. Rescue officer Danupol Tapo said the snake survived the ordeal and was being taken away to be released back into the wild. Boonmakchuay also survived the surprising attack and was taken to Chularat Hospital to recover from severe blood loss.

Tapo told CNN that he had seen snakes in toilets before, during his six years as an emergency worker, but he had never seen an incident quite like this one.

“This is all bizarre,” he said. “I had witnessed snakes [come] out of toilets many times, and when they bit [it] mostly would be at legs or butts. Not the penis, this is the first time.”

Luckily, according to the doctors at Chularat Hospital, Attaporn should make a full recovery despite the unusual encounter with the python, ABC 7 reports.

“He has a really good attitude… even though his own wife and children were in shock. He’s been smiling and giving interviews all day from his bed,” hospital director Dr. Chutima Pincharoen said.

In September 2015, two pythons were found in Australian toilets as they attempted to find water. Elliot Budd, who works as a snake catcher in the northeastern city in Queensland, received two calls about snakes in two different toilets in the Australian city of Townsville.

“The first snake was 3 meters long (9.8 feet) and the second one was 2.4 meters (7.8 feet),” Budd said at the time.

Budd said the first python was discovered in the toilet of a house that was under renovation. He removed it and then received a similar phone call less than a month later. At first, Budd said he thought it was a joke, but the frantic woman insisted there was a python in her toilet.

“That one the lady told me on the phone that it was in the toilet. At first, I thought maybe somebody was just having a joke after the first one. I didn’t think I’d see two of them in the toilet. The lady very much wanted to get it out.”

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