‘Chuck Norris Kitten’ Drop-Kicks Toy Dog [Video]

We sure love our adorable and hilarious animal footage around here. In the internet’s latest “hilarious cat antics” video, a mild-mannered cat leaps through the air to drop kick a toy dog, because kitty is not amused.

PetSteem uploaded the video to YouTube, and it’s quickly going viral with just under 40,000 views as of this posting. We’d love to tell you more about the video and the posters, but the YouTube homepage is in Russian and we recently lost our Russian guy. Anyway, the video, titled “Chuck Norris’ Kitten,” shows a cat staring down a toy dog, ready to pounce (not “toy dog” like the breed carried in purses by the likes of Paris Hilton, but a legitimate wind-up toy dog). The cat does toward the end of the video, shooting into the air, turning its body, and landing on the toy dog with both legs. In case you never played Street Fighter as a child, this results in immediate K.O.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a proper video review if we didn’t draw attention to the internet commentator’s brain trust represented in the video’s comments. “Chuck Norris trained that cat,” writes one viewer. “The kitten was just trying to pounce,” wrote one troll, “then slipped on the floor,” prompting another commenter to respond “Thank you Captain Obvious.”

“Chuck Norris is a homophobic a**hole who regularly discusses his birther beliefs. Can we please stop thinking the guy has any value outside of a limp, dumb TV show from the mid-1990s, and a few terrible films? (Yeah, I’m in a bad mood.),” wrote one, completely ruining the fun of the video by turning a clip of a cat jump-kicking a toy into social commentary. But at least he admitted that he was taking out his negative emotions on the rest of us.

But hey, here’s the Chuck Norris kitty video (it’s only 16 seconds long, enjoy):