Jake Owen Went On With The Show In Spite of Motorcycle Crash En Route To The Concert

Jake Owen fans have to be impressed with the grit and determination shown by their favorite country singer. Jake was making the trip to last night’s gig in Herrin, Illinois, when he crashed his bike. Jake’s injury is probably going to leave a gnarly scar, but this tough country singer continued to the concert after a quick pit-stop at the emergency room for numerous stitches in his forearm according to Eagle Country Online.

Jake Owen proved he was hardcore, as he performed live on stage less than 12 hours after the undoubtedly painful accident at around 10 a.m. that same morning. If it hurt, though, he never acknowledged his discomfort.

Jake is no stranger to pain. His extreme sports interests have landed him in the hospital on numerous occasions, according to Taste of Country. At least one fan suggested a bubble wrap suit for the thrill-seeking vocalist. Owen lost part of his ring finger in 2013, after a mishap as he raced go-carts with NASCAR drivers Clint Boyer and Kevin Harvick. Doctors attempted to save the shattered finger, but eventually had no choice but to amputate part of it.

Jake broke his collar bone in 2012 in a snowboarding accident. Prior to that, he injured his shoulder wakeboarding. That accident ended his golfing career.

A new Jake Owen album, American Love will be released on July 29. The Boot quotes his Facebook post announcement of the new album.

“Guys, today’s the day! My new album American Love is finally here and it’s on vinyl. This is the coolest thing in the world,”

The new album cover features the 1966 seafoam green Volkswagon Microbus featured in Owen’s “American Country Love Song” music video.

Jake Owen [Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

“I was at a different place when I was making that record, I was still married, and all of the sudden that ended, and I had to find a way to feel good again. I started down that path and then I realized that, for me, making music is as about feeling good as the listeners that get to hear it. I have to make an album that I enjoy singing every night.”

Jake Owen has confessed to Entertainment Weekly he had to discard some material that wasn’t up to par with his usual feel good attitude. He struggled to find that place he could write from that would not bring the audience down, or make him feel depressed all over again with every show. Eventually, he found his groove so to speak and turned out the album fans were eagerly anticipating.

Jake Owen by Tasos Katopodis r

“I kept noticing this reoccurring theme. The word kept appearing, but it was said in such different ways. I’m really proud that I got to encompass how love can be felt different ways but still remain the same if that makes sense.”

Jake Owen has produced music that satisfies the soul, and doesn’t leave fans sad; yet, his words seem to promise a new depth to his lyrics and music. Creativity does sometimes come from suffering, even if, like Jake, the artist doesn’t allow literal suffering to show. It can often deepen the work. As a result of working through his pain, tossing out what didn’t fit, and then finally coming to a place he could work, Owen is satisfied with his latest work.

“It’s been a long time since I made a record that I put on in my car and listen to on my own — but I can’t stop. It makes me happy, and I know how much work I put into it.”

Jake Owen is an amazing artist and one really tough biker, as well.

[Photo by David Becker/Getty Images]