'General Hospital' Spoilers: Nelle Asks Michael For Answers While Jason Urges Carly To Shift Direction

General Hospital spoilers for Friday's episode tease that things will continue to be intense when it comes to Carly Corinthos' trial. She lashed out at Nelle after Josslyn struggled on the stand and all of this will carry over into the June 8 show. The week will wrap up with people looking for answers, but plenty of questions will continue to linger.

Viewers know that Michael is playing along with Nelle for now, but he has come to realize that she's not being entirely truthful about what previously happened with Carly. General Hospital spoilers detail that back at the Quartermaine mansion, Michael will try to quietly make a phone call to fill someone in about the chaos in the courtroom.

People will have to tune in to Friday's show to see who Michael calls, but it seems likely it's Spinelli or someone else coordinating on exposing the truth in Nelle and Carly's battle. Unfortunately, Nelle will come up behind Michael as he's on the phone and asks what he's doing when he says that Nelle buried his mom. Will this prompt her to become suspicious of her baby daddy's support or will he manage to cover and keep her suspicions at bay?

It looks like Sonny will be put on the stand during Friday's episode and Diane will ask if he's afraid for his wife. In addition, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jason's time on the stand will be coming soon, but he'll plead with Carly to put an end to the strategy they're using. He tried to talk her out of going with the insanity defense, and Carly will look worried over what she should do.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Margaux will be rough on Jason as she tries to win her case, but Jason will be careful in what he says and it seems unlikely that Margaux will be able to fluster him. As these next steps in the storyline play out, SheKnows Soaps reveals that Nelle will be feeling thrilled, and fans wonder if Michael might offer up a restart of their romantic relationship as a way to keep tabs on her antics and get her to let her guard down.

Also ahead on the June 8 episode, Soap Central notes that Alexis will confront Monica and she'll be warning Monica that Kiki is about to go public about the harassment she endured from Dr. Bensch. General Hospital spoilers note that Curtis will do his best to support Jordan as she fights to keep her job and Anna will open up to Finn about how she fears she's permanently damaged her relationship with Robin over the Peter situation.

General Hospital spoilers hint that there will be juicy answers on the way as the week wraps up and it sounds like there will be a lot to look forward to during the week of June 11 as well. Will Michael work with Spinelli and Jason to ultimately turn the tables on Nelle and save Carly? Stay tuned for new spoilers as they emerge and be sure to check out Friday's episode to see what comes next.