'Little People, Big World': Molly Roloff Defends Anti-Gay Comments On Social Media

Inquisitr Staff

Little People, Big World star Molly Roloff allegedly defended anti-gay comments on social media. Radar Online reported on Friday that Molly Roloff recently took to her Facebook page in support of anti-gay comments made by actor Kirk Cameron. According to the report, Cameron made anti-gay comments during an interview with Piers Morgan in 2012. Molly Roloff recently shared a link to a story about the interview, along with comments in support of Cameron.

According to the report, Audrey Roloff recently took to the blog she started with husband, Jeremy, to defend her stance on gay marriage. On the blog, titled Beating 50 Percent, Audrey responded to readers in an April 7 post. Readers allegedly criticized the Roloff couple for only giving marriage advice to heterosexual relationships.

"We are for opposite-sex marriages that are striving to give more than average to their marriages."

Both Audrey, 24, and Jeremy, 26, have never kept it a secret that their blog is a resource for heterosexual couples. Little People, Big World also does not keep it a secret that the entire Roloff family is Christian in nature, although they don't "proudly state their beliefs" on their popular long-running reality TV series. A Roloff fan blog called Spirits Wander first mentioned that Molly Roloff may share some of the same anti-gay beliefs as her older brother and sister-in-law.

Radar Online backed up this theory with a more detailed story on how Molly once took to social media to back comments made by staunch born-again Christian Kirk Cameron. Cameron openly shared on the Piers Morgan Tonight show that he thinks homosexuality is "unnatural, detrimental, and ultimately destructive to foundations of civilization."

Molly Roloff, the only daughter of the Little People, Big World patriarch and matriarch, Matt and Amy Roloff, is said to have recently brought Cameron's interview back into the spotlight by sharing a link on Facebook to a news story about the actor's anti-gay comments. Along with the link, Molly allegedly posted her own thoughts supporting Cameron's anti-gay views.

"Go Kirk for standing up for what you believe... Very brave."

The 23-year-old recent graduate from a Christian college has since deleted the link and the comment from her personal Facebook page, but that wasn't the first time Molly Roloff had shared her anti-LGBT views. Spirits Wander shared on Wednesday that it is a well-known fact that Molly publicly supported Cameron on social media years ago for anti-gay comments he made on CNN.

The most common form of dwarfism only occurs in four to 15 out of every 100,000 live births. Since dwarfism isn't all that common, Little People, Big World was originally meant to "advocate for diversity and acceptance of differences," a goal that some say the Roloff family may actually need to practice themselves.

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