Donald Trump 2016 Part 1: Donald Trump Pre-2016 V. Donald Trump 2016

Donald Trump has caused a tremor in the political force. Have you felt it? However, Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Partiers are not deceived by bombast, faux Non-PC speak, or grandiose slogans, as those who are paying attention have heard this before (2008.Ahem). Trump is not the presidential candidate you are looking for, but might be the Sith Lord you were warned to watch out for, the one you have been looking for, to storm Washington D.C. and take over.

US Politics are truly the most confusing, conniving, dramatic soap opera yet written. The Republican Party has slowly been cannibalizing itself. While the average Republican voter is duped into voting for the very evil they think they’re voting against, and the party rails and vehemently fights against the majority pick who is everything they are and worse. Confused yet? Then you are actually paying attention.

True Conservatives and the remnants of the real Tea Party patted Donald Trump on his comb-over laden head, and found his campaign to be cute, amusing, or a useful jab at the establishment. However, the Barack Obama-like phenomenon led by the “Trump Train” has shown that dismissing him was a critical error, and this has created a political monster.

FrankenTrump is on the loose and terrorizing the villagers, created by the Big R establishment and political ruling class who have heard, seen, and spoke no evil, remaining silent when they were given referendum after referendum in each passing election. Things are so mixed-up that the only non-politician wins the popularity contest with probably the second most vague platform in American political history because it’s an “anybody but Washington insiders” game.

Donald Trump is Hilary Clinton is Donald Trump, but too many so-called Conservatives, Republicans, and Tea Partiers can’t see it, even though the evidence is overwhelming. Will Donald Trump destroy the party of Reagan and Coolidge, or has the party’s life span been cut short before he even ran for president? All of this and more, if you would please turn to page two.

‘The Donald’ Lefty Democrat V. Donald Trump ‘Conservative Savior’

Trump has been for, or against, [Insert politically expedient cause that you care about here]. He may say he’s not like all the other boys, but The Donald is the most flawed, yet bewitching candidate since Barack Obama. Vagaries and platitudes were once Obama’s bread and butter, but not anymore.

Donald Trump flip-flops on most issues. He chooses to flip when it becomes politically advantageous and expedient. In a Donald Trump vs. Donald Trump head-to-head match-up, his candidacy falls like a house of cards in a hurricane.

Trump is a bad candidate because you simply can not tell which Donald is running for president. Donald Trump post-2016, the Donald pre-2016, or he could even be the Trump from last week. Trump is running on how much of a conservative he is, and his followers agree, but is this the case? Or has he bested every flip-flopping candidate in the history of politics? Let’s find out.

In a day and age where the minimum wage is forcibly being hiked to $15 per hour, Donald Trump was once against it. The moment his Republican rivals dropped out, he endorsed the idea of raising the minimum wage. This is just one of many Trump reversals and re-reversals.

Libertarian Republic points out Trump’s Pro-choice to Pro-Life “evolution” went from his 1999 support for partial birth, late-term abortions, and being very Pro-Abortion to now being Pro-Life and only supporting abortion for rape, incest, and the health of the mother. Lest we forget his admitted love, and his own personal use of, Eminent Domain.

Donald Trump 2000 once preferred an assault weapons ban, a longer waiting period for gun purchases, and background checks. It would seem fictitious seeing Donald Trump 2016, but he penned it in his book The America We Deserve. Trump even criticized the Republican Party for walking the “NRA line.” Now, Donald Trump is supported by the same NRA.

Trump was for the Iraq and Afghan War before he was against it, as CNN reported. He went from being Clintonian in his desire to bring Israel and Palestine to the negotiating table to flipping to the opposite side. Even his biggest talking point about building the wall is “flexible,” as he has said off-the-record, and “negotiable” is what he told Fox News publicly in February.

Then, there is Donald Trump on healthcare, which is a contentious issue at the forefront of the past few elections.

Donald Trump was actually a hardcore supporter of Universal Healthcare, and stated vehemently in 1999 and 2000.

“If you can’t take care of your sick in the country, forget it, it’s all over…So I’m very liberal when it comes to health care…I believe in universal health care. I believe in whatever it takes to make people well and better. I think it is…an entitlement to this country, and too bad the world can’t be, you know, in this country. But the fact is, it’s an entitlement to this country if we’re going to have a great country.”

In one of the first rounds of Republican Primary debates, 2016 candidate Donald Trump agreed with pre-2016 Donald Trump and stated that he still favored single-payer healthcare a.k.a. Universal Healthcare.

Trump was initially banning all Muslims from entering the country, then backtracked to say American Muslims were cool, and now he will allow government officials, foreign leaders, and business men. Naturally, it is hard for anyone to beat up on their BFF. Trump has taken his political shots at Hillary Clinton; however, in 2012, Donald Trump complimented Clinton as a “terrific woman” who “works hard and does good job” as Secretary of State. The same Hillary Clinton he now says has been the worst ever in the history of the office of Secretary of State.

Donald Trump even once could have been considered “Libertarian” on the War on Drugs in 1990, when he took the stance that the U.S. needed to legalize drugs. However, like everything else between pre-2016 ‘The Donald’ and Donald Trump 2016, he attacked Colorado’s state decision to legalize Marijuana.

Wait, there’s one more thing.

Donald Trump 2000 wanted to privatize Social Security, as Conservative and Libertarian idea since forever, and it was well put by businessman Donald Trump.

“Privatization would be good for all of us. Directing Social Security funds into personal accounts invested in real assets would swell national savings, pumping hundreds of billions of dollars into jobs and the economy. These investments would boost national investment, productivity, wages, and future economic growth.”

Now, in 2011, as Trump hadn’t attempted to run in 2012, he did a Democratic 180 that would make FDR proud.

“We as a society must also make an ironclad commitment to providing a safety net for those who can’t make one for themselves. Social Security is here to stay. To be sure, we must reform it, root out the fraud, make it more efficient, and ensure that the program is solvent.”

A lot of positions changed, and the primaries haven’t officially even ended yet. Donald Trump is like equal parts Barack Obama and John Kerry, a potential portmanteau made in political idiocy.

If Donald Trump was a legitimate actor, he wouldn’t get many roles playing a Conservative Republican in films. Anyone can make a list like this, which is a testament to how poor of a “Conservative Republican” candidate Donald Trump is. Sadly, though, too many are caught in the mad-as-h*** vacuum within Trump’s reality distortion field.

The ascendancy and popularity of Donald Trump sheds light on two glaring problems: the Republican Party still doesn’t get it, and the majority of conservatives and Tea Partiers have lost their minds and become the very unintelligible voters they mock, and they have succumbed to the same rabid, celebrity candidate heresy that they mocked in 2008 with then Senator Barack Obama.

Big R establishment types like Jeb Bush were run out of the race. Despite all the political clout, advantages, and money, the Trump Train steam rolled over him, too. The question of how is probably still burning in some operatives and voters minds, and for good reason, as Donald Trump and Jeb Bush are no different politically.

A Donald Trump presidency means “you’re fired, America.” Or, at least by 2020, we all will be.

So, is it “The Donald’s” fault for the state of the Republican Party? No. It is merely a death knell symptom.

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[Photo by Chris Carlson/AP Images]