Criminal Charges Loom For Hillary Clinton, Internal Report Shows She Broke The Law By Using Private Email Server

Hillary Clinton still has a lot on her plate before she heads to the White House. Despite being a frontrunner in her party’s presidential nomination race, the email controversy while she was still a secretary of State is still following her.

A report released on Wednesday may give a big blow to her candidacy as an internal report found that she “broke multiple government rules by using a private server rather than more secure official communication systems.”

The Republicans have banked on the controversy to attack her trustworthiness and negligence.

“No public official is above the law. Secretary Clinton’s actions were at best negligent and at worst harmful to our national security,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan, according to The Guardian.

“The state department should work to ensure that all employees strictly comply with the law, and follow the IG’s recommendations to strengthen its record-keeping system.”

GOP presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump also stepped up his attacks against Hillary Clinton.

As the Democrats wait for the decision on whether she would face charges in relation to the controversy, her campaign remains unfazed. A spokesperson for the former secretary of State said that there was nothing she did that her predecessors didn’t do.

Brian Fallon, the spokesperson for Hillary Clinton, said that issues on the record-keeping system of the State department are a longstanding problem. He also said that the former secretary used a private email server with the knowledge of officials within the department.

Nevertheless, he conceded steps should have been done to better maintain the records.

The report revealed that there was indeed a “longstanding, systematic weaknesses” to the department’s communications. However, it singled out that her breaches are far more serious. It also pointed out that she disregarded several guidelines set to evade cybersecurity risks.

The camp of Hillary Clinton has been offering several explanations over the past months to somewhat justify the decision to use a private email server. As of late, a former State Department administrative official said she is not comfortable reading emails on a computer, the New York Times reported.

His statement is the latest in the string of justifications that has led to her decision to use a private email server. Her camp previously claimed she doesn’t want to carry two mobile phones. There were also claims she doesn’t want a government account having non-work matters attached to it.

On Thursday, the former First Lady sounded frustrated that the controversy is still following her amid her acknowledgment that she made a mistake when she used the private server.

In an interview with CNN‘s Wolf Blitzer, she claimed she thought she was allowed to do what she did.

“I thought it was allowed. I knew past secretaries of state used personal email.

“They were not a model of clarity and it seems like there is still more work to do on that

“As I’ve said many times, if I could go back, I would do it differently. I know people have concerns about this,” she said.

But Hillary Clinton is hopeful that voters would look past the controversy, and focus on her accomplishments instead.

“I understand that, but I think voters are going to be looking at the full picture of what I have to offer, my life and my service,” the former secretary shared.

Hillary Clinton on Email Controversy

Meanwhile, an article from the Financial Review claimed that Donald Trump will use the controversy as leverage to give credence to his “crooked Hillary” jibes. It would be utilized by the critics claiming that she had things to hide and that she would do things her way.

The article called the controversy as an “unwelcome campaign distraction” that would veer away from messages she would like to get across the voters.

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