Uber ATC Job Interviews: $50,000 To $80,000 Full Time Advanced Technologies Center Salary Called A Scam

Uber has come under fire for their advertised “Uber ATC” jobs. Uber’s ATC stands for their Advanced Technologies Center. The “CAREERS AT ATC” page explains how the Uber Advanced Technologies Center has a bunch of engineers and folks researching the advanced states of technology as it relates to transportation.

Uber ATC advertises to job seekers that becoming a member of their Uber ATC team would be a rewarding experience for them. However, an experience chronicled in the Imgur post titled “UBER is nothing but jerks” disputes Uber’s claims about jobs at Uber ATC as being nothing but a sham with the user calling Uber’s ATC claims a front for free research disguised as job interviews.

The writer with the username “” starts off by warning others against wasting their time applying for an Uber ATC job.

“I believe the UBER ATC is disguising research as fake job interviews. I recently applied to be a development vehicle operator for one of the self-driving vehicles. They were looking for driving experience as well as technical experience which I feel I have a lot of.”

The post went on to explain part of the Uber ATC interview process and homework queries. Uber ATC asked the user to explain the process for making a safe left turn at a four-way stop. Spending a whopping three hours to make a detailed presentation to answer the Uber ATC questions, the writer claims he or she passed the initial Uber ATC query and moved on to a phone interview, and later an interview at the Uber ATC location.

That Uber ATC interview lasted three hours. After arriving at Uber ATC, a driving test was given. After acing the technical interview, the Uber ATC interviewee was excited, and was told that Uber ATC would be in touch the following day. However, after contacting Adecco, the company doing to the recruitment for Uber ATC, the writer was told that Adecco heard a whole different report from the folks at Uber ATC.

“She tells me she did not even know I had an interview with them. She then tells me that they were looking for 40 people and they had passed on everyone because ‘No one seemed like they wanted to be there.’ This was completely wrong. I showed nothing but excitement during my interview. She then tells me that Uber had changed the job from direct-hire to temp-to-hire and that they now want 500 people. She said she did not know how this was even possible and it doesn’t seem like they want to hire anyone. I believe that Uber is gathering data on how people drive for their autonomous vehicles and disguising it as fake interviews to get out of paying people for their time. I also feel that spending 6 to 8 hours in an interview and not hearing anything back directly from the company is completely rude and unprofessional. Edit* I will also add that they advertised a pay of $50,000 to $80,000 full time with benefits.”

The viral Imgur post has gotten more than 8 million views in 16 hours. The feedback that the poster is receiving is wide and varied. Many of those commenting are grateful that the experience is being brought to the public. Others claim Uber ATC might have been less than honest about the Uber ATC job positions, but don’t think the interviewee was used for data reasons. The claims that Uber ATC needs millions of hours of sensor logs, not feedback from interview subjects, is being hotly debated.

As reported by the News Independent, Uber ATC has an experimental car ready to hit the roads of Pittsburgh.

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