Elvis Presley’s Bible And Dirty Underwear Are Going Up For Auction

Anything Elvis wore, touched, or sneezed on could fetch a lot of money at auction. Next month, Omega Auctions will find out just how much the King’s sweat is worth when a pair of old, and dirty, underwear hits the auction block.

The white tighties were worn by the king under his white jumpsuit in 1977.

Omega Auctions describes the underwear, writing:

“The briefs were worn on stage in 1977 and are unwashed with some stains apparent.”

The auction site estimates that Elvis’ soiled briefs will bring in over $10,000. The current estimate is between $11,000 and $14,00o.

Omega Auctions says that the King chose to wear white underwear under his jumpsuits because he didn’t want the audience to see any lines through his white pants.

The king’s underwear isn’t the only strange item going up for sale at the end of the month. Elvis fans can also bid on the King’s ashtray, his old mic stand, an old telephone he used, a copy of The Omen signed by the King, and the taillight from car Elvis drove in the movie Blue Hawaii.

The biggest item during the auction, however, will be the King’s bible.

Omega Auctions writes:

“This was Elvis Presley’s most precious book throughout his life from Christmas 1957 to that final day on 16th August 1977. Elvis read and wrote in this his Holy Bible over many years, it is very well read, well used, well worn and fragile.”

The bible is estimated to sell for $40,000.

Would you want to own the King’s bible? What about Elvis Presley’s old underwear.