Robin Roberts Announces Medical Leave Will Begin After ‘GMA’ Show Friday

Robin Roberts announced on Monday that her last day with ABC’s Good Morning America show will be Friday. After that, she will begin her lengthy medical leave to undergo a bone marrow transplant from her sister.

Roberts, co-host of GMA, was recently diagnosed with MDS, which is a rare blood and bone marrow disorder. The will be away from the talk show for a few months while the undergoes and recovers from the transplant, reports The Huffington Post.

Roberts made the announcement on Monday that she will check into the hospital next Tuesday, September 4. She stated:

I’ll begin the process. It still takes about 10 days after being admitted because there are some things you have to go through before the transplant actually occurs.”

The Los Angeles Times notes that Robin Roberts was already absent from GMA for a couple of weeks because of the disease, but returned to the show on august 20. Of her abrupt vacation, Roberts stated:

“My needle was past ‘E’ when I left here a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve got a full tank, so watch out. I haven’t taken this much time off in quite some time.”

The TV co-host, who battled breast cancer five years ago, also spoke of giving her dog up for a short time during the transplant process, because “when you have a bone-marrow transplant, you don’t have an immune system for a while and you’re very susceptible to infection.”

Best wishes to Robin Roberts as she takes her medical leave from Good Morning America to undergo a bone marrow transplant.