Russian Politician Urges Vladimir Putin To Nuke Island Near Britain Just To Prove He Means Business

Tim Butters

A Russian politician has urged Vladimir Putin to drop a nuclear bomb on an island just 200 miles northwest of Great Britain to prove to the rest of the world that he is not a man to be trifled with.

The Faroe Islands, which lie off the coast of Scotland, would be completely wiped off the map if Vladimir Zhirinovsky got his way and President Putin did his bidding.

The Mirror reports that the top Russian politician made the shock demand of Putin to make it clear to the world that the Kremlin means business on the world stage and is serious about proving its military might.

Zhirinovsky was quoted as calling for the bombing during a live broadcast on Russian TV channel Rossia 1.

"In the North Sea there is a small island, a small country of 200,000 people.

"Brussels should say: Look, here is an island. Now there is no island. The country is no longer.

"We should show what our nuclear forces are capable of."

(Photo by Three Lions/Getty Images)

"Brussels should say: Look, here is an island. Now there is no island. The country is no longer.

"We should show what our nuclear forces are capable of."

Yet there are elements in Putin's Russia who are becoming more paranoid and vicious by the day, and Zhirinovsky is not alone in his psychopathic ruthlessness.

The far-right Liberal Democratic Party leader made his shocking comments in the wake of a bitter row over the U.S. and NATO's plan to build a new radar shield in Europe. Russia's problem with the aforesaid plan is the proposed missile defense system's close proximity to the Black Sea.

The aging missile defense system that will be replaced by the new one is claimed by the West to protect it from missiles, which could be potentially fired by the Middle East.

Russia, on the other hand, sees such a move as an act of aggression against them, hence Zhirinovsky calling for Putin to prove his brutality to the world by wiping out an entire island.

Putin and the Kremlin have yet to respond to Zhirinovsky's request, but Putin has in the past issued chilling warnings to the West.

In an earlier article, The Inquisitr reported that Vladimir Putin had begun making boasts about how ready for World War 3 his troops are following Russia's campaign in Syria.

Like a boot boy on steroids with a chip the size of a small, emerging nation on his shoulders, Putin likes to throw his weight around, and he's certainly guilty of crashing around like an elephant in a china shop when it comes to Russia's campaign in Syria.

There have been bombs, bombs, and more bombs during the five-and-a-half-month bombing campaign, which activists state has claimed thousands of civilian lives.

Putin, on the other hand, considers the bloody bombing campaign an expression of Russian might, an overwhelming success, and a solid indicator to the world that Russia is ready, if provoked, to hit the ground running if World War 3 should break out and drag the world screaming into an abyss of no return.

In a speech where Putin hailed the perceived successes of Russia's bombing campaign in Syria, the world leader growled that it has prepared Russia's armed forces for all-out war, and he could have thousands of extra troops on the ground and ready to rumble in hours if necessary.

In the same speech, Putin thanked the Russian armed services for their dedication before announcing with no little glee that the operation proved far better training for any possible World War 3 scenario than any war games on home soil ever could.

It's a strange thing for a world's statesman to say, but then again, the Russian bear has never been renowned for his nuanced style or masterful diplomatic skills.

Under Putin, Russia boasts more nuclear weapons than any other country in the world and has 765,000 well-trained troops at her disposal.

Unfortunately, if the Russian bear one day wakes up with a sore head, then the rest of the world is sure going to know about it.

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