Channing Tatum Attends An Interview Like No Other; Expresses Love For His Wife In A Rather Strange Way

Channing Tatum, the American actor best known for his roles in the Jump Street series of films and Magic Mike, is no stranger to interviews. According to Independent, Channing Tatum made an appearance on the world’s first autistic and non-verbal talk show hosted by Carly Fleischmann.

The Canadian-based host, who had been diagnosed with autism as a toddler, had Channing Tatum over for the debut of her “Speechless” interview series. The interview series is named “Speechless” due to the fact that, as an element of her autism diagnosis, Carly has oral-motor apraxia, which prevents her from speaking.

The question on everyone’s minds was how Channing Tatum would be able to communicate with an interviewer who would not be talking for the entirety of the interview. In the end, Carly used a computer to communicate, which led Channing Tatum into having one of the most interesting interviews in his life to date.

Going to places that other interviewers would not, Carly asked Channing all sorts of things in a very playful and respectful manner. She was honest and direct, and Channing happily went along with the energy of the interview, even going as far as to say that he would date her if his wife had permitted it, to which Carly jokingly responded that she would get to work preparing divorce papers for Channing and his wife. Carly even boldly asked Channing about his early life as a stripper, questioning him on how many women he would take home back in the day.

His days of taking women home have been over for a long time now because the Magic Mike star clearly loves his wife. According to Self, Channing Tatum went a long way towards winning the Husband of the Year award when he gave his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum a pedicure.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum got a pedicure, just as so many people around the world do, but the normally mundane event turned so much more interesting when Channing Tatum stepped in and took over as her nail technician.

The pedicure session was shared on Snapchat and showed how Channing Tatum acted as her “polish remover,” using cotton balls to take off Jenna’s old nail polish color. The happy Jenna captioned the shot by saying how awesome Channing is. Channing Tatum and Jenna started to trend as #couplegoals with so much attention on her Snapchat story.

After the pedicure was finished and the nail polish was still wet, Channing acted as a human blower to speed up the drying process. Anybody who followed Jenna on Snapchat would see how sweet the moment was between them, and would probably recognize that the surprise pedicure was not the first time Channing and Jenna have shown off how much they mean to each other.

There was a time where Jenna was on Lip Sync Battle and she ended up giving her husband a lap dance on the show. Channing Tatum and Jenna are also collaborating to produce a dance series with NBC, which could reportedly be a mashup between Step Up, where Channing and Jenna first met each other, and Dancing with the Stars.

In other news – and news that will be very well received by Channing Tatum’s legion of devoted fans – it looks like people are going to be seeing more of Channing very soon as he is reportedly going to bring a live Magic Mike show to Las Vegas in the near future.

Continuing to fulfill every woman’s dream, Channing has announced that he will be opening a live Magic Mike show in Vegas in early 2017 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, with the aim to level the erotic playing field providing a high class “gentle ladies club.”

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]