Taiwan Minister Thinks Men Should Sit When They Pee

In an effort to keep urine off of toilet seats across the country, a Taiwanese minister has suggested that men should take a seat before they pee. According to the Global Post, Stephen Shen, Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration minister, is eager to keep your bodily fluids in the toilet, prompting the government to post flyers instructing men to rest their behinds before urination commences. Not surprisingly, some gentlemen aren’t too thrilled with the idea.

The BBC reports that the suggestion has caused some heated online debates. Although men are a little apprehensive about sitting down before peeing, women seem to think the idea has merit. Some men have stated that breaking the habit is simply too difficult, while others have claimed it’s uncomfortable.

Until men learn how to aim, taking a seat is the only way to curb the vast amounts of urine that splashes across toilet seats on a daily basis. Yuan Shaw-jing, director of general of environmental sanitation and toxic substance maintenance for the EPA, claims that other countries have had success with the practice.

“We want to learn from Japan and Sweden,” he explained to the BBC. “In Japan, we heard 30% of the men sit.”

Although the idea of sitting to pee may sound like a foreign concept to some men, the practice is quickly catching fire in other countries. In Sweden, for example, the Sörmland County Council insists that men take a seat before emptying their bladder. According to The Local, the Left Party cited medical research which claims men are much better at aiming when their butts are planted firmly on the seat. At the end of the day, officials just want their citizens to be able to use the bathroom without splashing through puddles of misguided pee in the process.

Presently, it remains to be seen how well this practice will go over in Taiwan. Do you think that men should be required to sit down when they urinate?