Anna Duggar Pregnant? Josh Is Reportedly Hoping Another Baby Saves Their Marriage And Lands Them A New Reality Show

Anna Duggar could soon be pregnant again amid reports that she and Josh are hoping that adding another baby to the family will not only save their marriage but also kick-start their stalled reality show careers.

The couple has reportedly been taking steps to repair their broken marriage since Josh has returned home from rehab for an addiction to sex and pornography. Sources say that they have been going to counseling and gradually rebuilding the family that was torn apart by Josh’s dual scandals last year, with the revelation that he molested a number of young girls during his teenage years — including his own sisters — followed shortly after by reports that he was a member of the infidelity site Ashley Madison.

Josh was whisked away to a months-long stay at an intensive rehab center while Anna remained publicly committed to him, reportedly deciding against divorcing him despite some friends and family pushing her in that direction.

But the couple may have moved past the most difficult of times now. A source told In Touch Weekly, via Hollywood Life, that the two have their normal sex life back and are likely headed to another pregnancy.

“I would have hoped they’d have put the brakes on sex after he got out [of rehab], but they are back to their normal sex routine,” the insider revealed. “I would not be surprised one bit if Anna is already pregnant.”

There could still be marriage trouble ahead for Anna Duggar, even if she is pregnant. A source told the Daily Mail that Josh hasn’t changed all that much since returning home from rehab.

“I was expecting Josh to be much more humble and quiet, a less arrogant person after everything he’d done, but nope. He was the same old Josh, constantly talking, full of himself, really aggressive and making Anna do everything — not helpful to her at all.”

And Josh Duggar could have an ulterior motive for the pregnancy. Celeb Dirty Laundry reported that he has been trying to kick-start the reality television career that sank when TLC canceled 19 Kids and Counting after his scandals were revealed.

The outlet noted that Josh’s parents told him to start supporting himself and his family, and Josh decided getting back on television was the way to do it.

“Josh allegedly asked his wife to contact Dr. Phil and Megyn Kelly to interview him. He wants to keep his name in the media, and wants the Duggar fans to know that he intends to be a better person, and will do whatever it takes to get his own reality TV show.”

But the report added that there is little chance of Josh getting is own show again, as TLC lost too many advertisers through his personal failings and it would generate too much controversy for the network to feature him again.

It’s not clear how much truth there is to the rumor that Anna Duggar is planning to get pregnant as a way to get more television exposure. Josh Duggar has already moved into a new line of work, as he was recently spotted selling used cars. A source told People magazine that he looked happy doing it, apparently content in his life after reality television fame.

Interesting enough, there are separate rumors that Anna Duggar may not be the only one planning to get pregnant as a way to get more attention. In the last week, another story claimed that Jill and Jessa Duggar were both planning to get pregnant again soon in the hopes of keeping their spin-off show alive after a season of disappointing ratings.

[Image via Instagram/Anna Duggar]