Amber Alert In California: 15-Year-Old Girl Last Seen Bloody And Screaming

An Amber Alert has been issued in California this afternoon as authorities and family members desperately search for a missing 15-year-old girl who was last seen screaming for help and bleeding. Authorities issued the Amber Alert because she is presumed to have been abducted, injured, and endangered. According to local police, the victim’s name is Pearl Pinson, and her horrific ordeal began at roughly 7 a.m. Wednesday morning.

It was early on Wednesday that police received multiple reports of shots being fired at a pedestrian over-crossing walkway near I-780 in the vicinity of Vallejo, California. When deputies arrived at the scene of the reported crime, they received chilling news. A witness had seen a young girl bleeding and screaming frantically for help as a man pulled her on the over-crossing walkway, reports Q13Fox. Before issuing the Amber Alert in California, police learned from the witness that they had heard a gunshot and that the suspect was armed.

Leading up to the Amber Alert, California police said that they substantiated the witness’ story when they discovered blood on the ground near the pedestrian over-crossing where the victim had last been spotted struggling with her suspected abductor. By the time police got to the scene of the California crime, neither the victim nor the suspect were still in the area.

At the time that the witness observed the violent scene taking place on the over-crossing, police could not issue an Amber Alert because they didn’t know the identity of the victim. That changed relatively quickly, however, as the subject of the Amber Alert was identified as Pearl. The young woman’s disappearance was reported to local California authorities after she failed to show up for her scheduled classes.

The Amber Alert went out after it was determined that Pearl was missing and endangered, most likely the victim of the abduction reported by the witness. She has not been seen or heard from since Wednesday morning at around 7 a.m.

While authorities in California have issued an Amber Alert for Pearl Pinson, they have been unable to confirm if the teen had, in fact, been shot, nor could they verify the extent of her injuries.

“We are very concerned. Our number one priority right now is reaching out to our community, asking for their help and finding Pearl.”

The missing teen should be fairly easy to spot. Based on the Amber Alert information, she is a white female weighing about 130 pounds and her hair is naturally brown but has been dyed green, a very distinctive feature. At the time of her abduction, she was wearing a grey sweater and black leggings and carrying a turquoise and black backpack, according to the Amber Alert.

The man suspected of her abduction has been identified as a Vallejo resident by the name of Fernando Castro. The Amber Alert suspect is a 19-year-old Hispanic male, 5 feet 6 inches tall, and has black hair and brown eyes, according to authorities.

Castro was last seen in a black hoodie and could be wearing reading glasses.

The California Highway Patrol issued an alert in addition to the Amber Alert for the following counties: Solano, Yolo, Sacramento, Contra Costa, Alameda, Napa, and San Joaquin.

Because multiple citizens reported the sound of gunshots when the presumed abduction took place, and because the eyewitness said that the suspect was armed and the victim was bleeding, citizens should be cautious about approaching the suspect and rather report sightings to local authorities at one of the numbers listed below.

The Amber Alert states that the suspect is believed to be driving a 1997 Saturn, gold in color, California plates 5XZD385. If you have seen the Amber Alert victim or suspect, call 911 or the Solano County Sheriff’s Office at 707-784-7061. Anyone who has tips or wishes to respond to the California Amber Alert anonymously can do so by calling Crime Stoppers at 707-644-7867.

[Photo by Solano County Sheriff’s Office]