Video Game ‘Mirror’s Edge’ To Be Adapted For Television

While video game movie adaptations have been popular in Hollywood for a couple of decades now, they haven’t always had the kindest response from the viewers. True, some have seen major success despite their negative reception, and many have become box-office shattering franchises in their own right, but in the eyes of true gamers and cinema goers alike, there is yet to be a true video game to movie success. The wait, it seems, continues.

2016 could be the year it happens. With Assassin’s Creed currently kicking up an exciting storm with its first trailer, the release for Warcraft imminent, and The Angry Birds Movie making its U.S. bow this month, could this be the year we see a video game adaptation appeal to both the players and the casual viewer? It could possibly happen.

However, video game adaptations have also been considered for television, a fairly new concept, and with TV shows and their exposure at an all-time high due to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, it seems that one company is aiming to take advantage of this. It seems TV is truly king at the moment — you only have to look at the A-list talent that currently bolsters a chunk of prime time television to know this — and this week, it was revealed that video game Mirror’s Edge is currently being adapted into a television series.

Video Game 'Mirror's Edge' To Be Adapted For Television

Speaking to Deadline, Endemol Shine Studios, the scripted division for Endemol Shine North America, has acquired the rights to produce a TV show based on the popular action adventure Mirror’s Edge. President of Endemol Sharon Hall confirmed the news.

“We clearly see Mirror’s Edge as a franchise for the global TV audience. It has a strong female protagonist, a wildly rabid fan base and a worldwide brand that Electronic Arts and EA Dice have done an amazing job establishing.”

Developed by EA Dice and published by Electronic Arts, Mirror’s Edge was released in 2008. The game is set in a quasi-futuristic dystopian society in which a network of “runners” act as couriers to transmit illegal messages while avoiding government surveillance. The main mechanic of the game is a cross between free running and parkour, which sees the player navigate high rooftops, wide open spaces, and the dangerous yet beautiful city that hides a dark secret with seamless, awe-inspiring efficiency. The game was praised for its visuals and its surprising lack of violence (the player has the option to avoid conflict completely) and quickly became a cult classic.

The game’s main character is Faith, a runner and skilled warrior whose sister is framed for murder. In the game, we follow Faith as she is drawn into a battle against the ruling Conglomerate, and becomes embroiled in a conspiracy that has the potential to bring society to its knees. Although you don’t see much of the spunky heroine in the game — both due to the first-person aspect and short, animated cut-scenes — it’s clear the character is perfect to be played on the small screen. As Wired have revealed, Endemol is also the company behind British reality TV show Big Brother. With the plot of Mirror’s Edge bringing into focus such strict social supervision and mass surveillance, the joke will not be lost on the masses.

Video Game 'Mirror's Edge' To Be Adapted For Television

It didn’t take long for fans to pick up on this news. With television currently more widespread than ever before, Netflix has already been mentioned in connection with the adaptation, although this is currently the well-wishing of the fans and nothing more. Mirror’s Edge certainly has a unique setting; a city created in white and strong primary colors, without a hint of green in sight, so seeing this brought to life will be quite spectacular. With mature themes about freedom of choice thrown into the mix, and inspiration drawn from a variety of dystopian material, it certainly makes Mirror’s Edge a compelling project for television.

With Lara Croft currently the go-to heroine of the video game spectrum, and another Tomb Raider film currently in development, there’s never been a better time to create a TV show that focuses on a strong female character. Faith certainly has the ability to make an impression, and we’ll see just how this translates to the screen when the show is finally announced. Until then, you can catch up with Faith on your favorite video games console.

Mirror’s Edge is available on consoles and PC now.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is released on June 7 in the U.S. and June 9 in Europe.

[Image via EA Dice and Electronic Arts]