Kanye West Sex Tape: Kim Kardashian’s Husband Plans To Sue Over Any Unauthorized Homemade Films

Rumor has it that a Kanye West sex tape may surface at some point and it may or may not feature his wife, Kim Kardashian. Hollywood Life recently reported that Kanye is ready to take on anyone who dares to release a sex tape that may involve him. Their source claims that the rapper is nervous about possible ghosts from his past popping up to haunt him with an embarrassing home movie and that he is prepared to take legal action if something like that were to occur.

Kanye West isn’t denying that there might be sex tapes out there that feature him as the star. Hollywood Life reported that a source told them, “Kanye West is fascinated by sex tapes but he isn’t worried about any of his tapes leaking.” It’s hard to imagine that Kanye hasn’t made at least one sex tape with his wife, Kim Kardashian. Especially considering how obsessed both of them are with themselves and Kim’s notorious sex tape with Ray J.

It isn’t anything that Kanye has in his possession that he’s worried about leaking, though. According to the report, the rapper is more worried about what people might have filmed secretly that could be leaked now that he’s married and settled down. Kanye reportedly worries about an ex-girlfriend or maybe even a groupie along the way that took film or took pictures that he doesn’t know about.

“When he hears that people have tapes of him, that’s the first fear that comes to mind,” says the Hollywood Life insider. “This is not something he takes lightly, his lawyers are all prepped to take aggressive action. If anything like that ever happens it will be war.”

The reaction from someone in Kanye West’s camp came just days after rumors that a sex tape was about to be revealed. According to multiple reports, there was a homemade film on the horizon that featured Kanye and was possibly made before he married Kim Kardashian.

This news came on the heels of another famous sex tape that was reportedly on the verge of release in the family. Kylie Jenner and Tyga just broke up and they also have allegedly made multiple sex tapes during their two-year relationship. Apparently, Kylie is nervous that Tyga might make one of their many reported films available but it looks like both Kanye and Kylie should breathe easy. In California, if a tape of either celebrity were released by one of their exes, or even by one of their hookups, that person could be prosecuted under the state’s revenge porn law. Of course, what has been seen can’t ever be unseen, but at least there are some repercussions if either of them were to have a sex tape released without their consent.

Rumors of a Kanye West sex tape came out around the same time that TMZ revealed that he and Kim Kardashian threatened to sue one of their former bodyguards for $30 million. Apparently Kim and Kanye are upset because Steve Stanulis has reportedly been running his mouth about the famous family. They claim that Steve may be liable for $30 million after signing a confidentiality agreement when he started working for them. Part of the former-bodyguard’s contract stipulated a $10 million penalty if he should talk about Kim, Kanye or anyone else in their family and they think he has given at least three interviews.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have offered to let Steve Stanulis off the hook but first, he has to apologize and give a full retraction of everything that he said. Then, Kim and Kanye want their former bodyguard to never breathe another word about them again.

Is the drama with an ex-bodyguard related to the rumors of a Kanye West sex tape? Is there a tape out there that is about to be leaked online? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Photo by Harry How/Getty Images]