Jamie Lynn Spears Returns To TV For First Show Since 'Zoey 101,' And Announces Release Of New Single

Jamie Lynn Spears is finally ready to walk back into the spotlight for an hour-long special airing on TLC. This will be the first time singer and actress, Jamie Lynn Spears, has appeared on television since Zoey 101 on Nickelodeon ended back in 2008 after Spears announced she was pregnant at age 16. According to Entertainment Weekly, the special is titled Jamie Lynn Spears: When the Lights Go Out.

In the special, Spears will talk to her viewers about how the media responded when they found out she was pregnant at 16. Spears will also talk about how the media response affected her as a pregnant teenager. Jamie Lynn Spears will also talk to viewers about her current story and passion about how she found her way as a country music singer. The performance Spears did at the Grand Ole Opry (where her sister Britney introduced her) will be culminated in this hour-long special.
"I'm not just a child star, and I'm not just someone's sister, and I'm not just a teen mom. For the first time, this is the real story."
For Jamie Lynn Spears, this story is a chance for the world to finally know the truth about what happened to her after Zoey 101 ended.

According to Us Weekly, a very emotional sneak peek of the special which is scheduled to air in June of 2016 is focused on Spears opening up about how much of a bump her career hit in 2007 when she learned she was pregnant at 16. She also talks about how she was able to bounce back from that bump.

Today, Jamie Lynn Spears is the mother of 7-year-old Maddie. She shares Maddie with her ex-fiancé, Casey Aldridge.

With the breaking of this news, many fans of Zoey 101 took to social media expressing how they still hated Jamie Lynn Spears after so many years had passed, as fans of the show blamed Spears getting pregnant as the reason the show was cancelled.

For Zoey 101 fans, this special featuring Jamie Lynn Spears is the interview many have been waiting nearly eight years for.

"Jamie Lynn was, uh, she was bad," was what Spears' father had to say to the camera. Jamie's mother, Lynne, recalls when she first received the news that her youngest child was pregnant.

"I really thought she was joking."
Nearly a decade after Zoey 101 ended and Spears became pregnant, Jamie appears to have found peace both in her professional life and her personal life. In 2014 of March, the singer and actress married Jamie Watson. Shortly after her marriage, Jamie Lynn released her very first full-length country album, titled The Journey, in May of that same year. Between 2014 and now, Jamie Lynn has written a handful of songs for a number of other artists. This includes Jana Kramer's hit single "I Got the Boy."
According to Nashville Gab, it has been three years since Jamie Lynn released her single titled "How Could I Want More." Ironically, this single did leave her fans wanting more from this talented singer, actress, and songwriter. In addition to the news about her special on TLC, Spears has also announced the release of her newest single titled "Sleepover." The single is scheduled to release in late June of this year.

"Sleepover" is a mid-tempo song that talks about taking a relationship slow. The song was written by a talented group of four including Spears, Liz Rose, Tina Parol, and Corey Crowder.

Will you be listening to the singer and songwriter's new single when it comes out at the end of next month? Do you want to know what happened to Jamie Lynn after Zoey 101 ended? Jamie Lynn Spears: When the Lights Go Out is scheduled to premiere on TLC on Sunday, June 26, at 10 p.m. ET.

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