New Forms Of Cancer Treatment Can Save You And Your Family’s Lives!

Cancer treatment, from a medical outlook, is receding in efficiency as the years go by. However as we prepare to enter the second half of 2016, it’s beginning to look like this is the year that medicine finally plans to leap onto the next platform of cancer treatment. Unfortunately, with any form of medicine, newer procedures, and treatments, especially regarding cancer, can take years to refine and to fully understand the effects that it can have on the human body. But for some that are desperate enough, clinical trials are available to help pave the way for medicine’s advancement.

According to Fox35, Zayne Burton, a pre-teen from Orlando, Florida, and his family are hoping and praying that medicine can save him, and they recently went through a new form of cancer treatment. When asked about his cancer diagnosis and treatment, he answered like the little champion that he is.

“Praying, a lot of praying.”

With doctors stumbling onto his cancer diagnosis by chance, when he was admitted for treatment of a concussion. His physician, Naren Ramakrishna, said that the tumor was a very rare form that attacks the brain and spine.

Not being a stranger to previous forms of cancer treatment, including surgical methods, Zayne became the first minor-aged patient to undergo proton therapy. The unique thing about this procedure is that it only target the cells that are cancerous and leaves the rest of the body alone. This is an ideal form of cancer treatment, especially in adolescents and pre-teens, so that their body isn’t harshly subjected to intense bouts of radiation.

Without a doubt, the Burton family feels blessed to be able to utilize this option in their own area, instead of having to travel long distances for the 30 treatments. The 20 minutes to the doctor’s office and 20 minutes back, allows young Zayne to rest and recuperate in his own home with his family beside him.

Zayne’s faith and the encouragement of his friends and family are what is getting Zayne through his treatments and on the road to recovery. His parents refer to him as “Zayne the a-ma-Zayne.”

In Nebraska, the Mary Lanning Hospital went through a year of planning to launch their new cancer treatment center. The project cost them nearly $5 million and is called a true-beam linear accelerator. It can also be referred to as a multi-option cancer treatment machine.

This new equipment gives doctors the ability to work at a faster speed, by cutting the time down by over 50 percent, and the 3D scans can track movements that are four times smaller than usual. The new equipment will also give doctors access to newer forms of cancer treatment and its updates.

Mary Lanning is only the third center in the state to offer this machine and its cancer treatment options and all of its amped up features.

Mark Callahan, the COO of Mary Lanning, had healthy insight as to what the patient’s perspective is when they are being worked on.

“I actually talked to a person before we looked at the machine. They said,’ you know what? Eight minutes can feel like a lifetime when you’re doing the treatment,'”

Eric Barber, the president and CEO of the hospital, fought for the advancement of their facility by acquiring this machine. He didn’t do it for a financial boost in his hospital, but he did it for the families of the cancer patients, stating that the less time the family members need to travel, the more time they can spend with the patient, helping to bring them closer.

Earlier this year, the Inquisitr covered the major advances in cancer treatments with immunotherapy, further proving that this is the year for various forms of cancer treatment to advance to its next milestone.

[Photo by John Moore/Getty Images]