Steriods in baseball, is this still news?

In 2003 Major League Baseball and the players union had a steroids test to see the scope of the problem they were facing. In that test, which was suppose to remain private, around 100 players tested positive for steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

Citing Legal issues, and players privacy the league has tried to keep the names on that list out of the media. Essentially they have put their PR department between a rock and a hard place. Eitehr these names continue to trickle out every few months or MLB releases the entire list to end this story and risk’s getting sued for releasing private medical records.

The newest names to be releases are Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz and former teammate outfielder Manny Ramirez. Since Ramirez just got done serving a 50 game suspension for yet another failed test that isn’t really a story. Had Ortiz not run off at the mouth when New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez name was leaked this wouldn’t be news either.

It seems a pretty safe bet these days to assume everyone was taking steroids. In the Mitchell Report we learned that one Nook Logan was taking steroids, and he was trying to make the worst team in the league at the time the Detroit Tigers. If a guy was trying to make the worst team in the sport by using steroids, isn’t logical to think most everyone was using some kind of performance enhancer? On top of that if everyone was using steroids is that still cheating?