‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nikolas’ Condition Seems Dire, Carly And Ava’s Battle For Avery Continues, And Sabrina’s Return Shakes Up Port Charles

What can fans expect from Friday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers detail that there is plenty of drama on the way, as both Lucas and Nikolas appear to be in dire condition. Sabrina has been arrested and Carly and Ava have been battling over Avery. Where are things headed in the May 27 show?

As viewers saw on Thursday’s episode, Griffin and Finn worked feverishly to save Lucas after he was found unconscious on the floor of Bobbie’s room. He flat-lined briefly, but he was brought back and was on a respirator the latest that General Hospital fans saw. There has been a lot of speculation that Lucas might die during this crisis, and it sounds as if everybody may be left hanging on this front for a bit yet.

Nikolas and Rachel have been fighting over her diamonds and he made an offer to her to try to resolve their differences. She was going to head back to Wyndemere to talk with Nik, but Curtis tried to convince her to stay at the Metro Court. Jason did end up going to Wyndemere to talk to Nik and Sam arrived soon after. As Thursday’s show ended, it was revealed that Nikolas was lying injured on the rocks outside.

General Hospital spoiler previews tease that Sam will find Jason standing near the window, looking concerned, as Nikolas lies outside. Obviously, Jason is going to seem like a prime suspect in this situation, but there is no doubt that someone else caused these grave-looking injuries. Will Nik make it through this crisis?

Nikolas will indeed survive, but there are some changes ahead regarding the character. As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, actor Tyler Christopher will be taking a break from playing Nikolas for a bit. Actor Nick Stabile will be stepping into the role, but those with the show have indicated that this is a temporary change. So far, specific dates of Christopher’s departure and possible return have not yet been detailed, but Stabile is said to be filming already.

As SheKnows Soaps shares, there will be a lot of buzz about Sabrina’s shocking return during Friday’s show as well. She showed up at the Nurses’ Ball, but then she was promptly arrested for having helped Carlos. Sabrina will tell Michael that she deserves to be in trouble, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Dillon will talk with Tracy about how Michael found Sabrina.

Carly was thrilled to find a flash drive at Ava’s house showing her frisky adventures with Paul, as she thinks that it will be just the leverage she and Sonny need to ensure that they get to keep Avery. General Hospital spoilers detail that Carly will fill Sonny in on the find during the next show. As for Ava, she is still determined to take Avery home and she will tell Paul that she’s making it happen, despite Carly’s threats.

Robin is back for a brief moment to participate in the Nurses’ Ball, and General Hospital spoilers share that she will confront Anna about having tried to kill Carlos. According to Soap Central, Anna will be coming clean about something this week and that likely refers to this conversation with Robin.

SheKnows Soaps teases that Anna will be sharing a final goodbye with someone during Friday’s show, and there apparently is a bit of a shocker ahead for Dillon related to Tracy. Is this a part of the conversation they have regarding Sabrina, and perhaps Sabrina’s baby as well?

Will Lucas survive the attack he endured? Who injected him and has been killing other patients? Who harmed Nikolas and how much focus will there be on Jason as a potential suspect? Fans are buzzing with theories on this Nik front, with many wondering if he set this up himself as a way to frame Rachel perhaps. There is plenty more drama on the way and fans cannot wait to see what comes next on General Hospital.

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