Meek Mill Turns ‘All The Way Up’ On Drake With Fabolous And Jadakiss — What Now?

Meek Mill apparently intends to ride the wave until the board snaps in half. Either he’s taking advantage of the hype or Meek is holding one serious grudge. Whatever the case, Mill’s remix of “All the Way Up” is just as the song implies — and the knob is fully “turnt.”

Meek Mill’s new song comes straight from the minds of DreamChasers. While the concept and instrumental assuredly belongs to Fat Joe, can one truly say that Meek’s version isn’t “All the Way Up”?

The new song was uploaded via Mill’s DreamChaser SoundCloud page approximately 20 hours ago. You can listen to it for yourself below.

[Disclaimer: The following audio contains explicit language. Discretion is advised.]

Meek Mill feat. Fabolous and Jadakiss – All the Way Up

Meek realizes that the beef between himself and Drake has been long-winded. Regardless, it doesn’t stop his flow on the topic. When Mill’s “All the Way Up” verse starts, he begins by elaborating on how people thought he was going to commit suicide after Drake’s “Back to Back” career blow. During that time, as far as public opinion was concerned, Meek Mill took a lot of losses.

Several people, including business establishments, were riding the wave as well. From Whataburger to Burger King and White Castle, from the Toronto Blue Jays to even the Philadelphia Eagles, Meek seemed to be “catching Ls” from every angle. And while it was apparent that Drake had most people’s visual support, it seems that Meek Mill had the underground.

Various individuals thought that Meek’s album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, would flop after the loss he took in the Drake beef. However, Mill shocked the hip hop community when his album recently took home Billboard‘s Rap Album of the Year award. Who saw that coming?

Nevertheless, as Meek’s “All the Way Up” verse continues, you hear him refer to Drake’s Non-U.S. nationality as well as the alleged accusation that he doesn’t write his own lyrics. As can be heard in Mill’s song, he states as follows.

“This is hip-hop / You ain’t write it, don’t record it / I don’t know how they gettin’ down ‘cross the border.”

Shortly thereafter, Meek’s “All the Way Up” verse plays on the concept of Drake’s new album, Views, with a quote: “Views from the Projects.”

In essence, the question on a multitude of minds is whether or not Drake is going to respond to Meek Mill’s lyrical rant. Drake is still celebrating the epic success of Views. As well, he mentioned that he’s still releasing new music this summer. Yet that didn’t stop Drake last time, right? He dropped “Back to Back” while working on What a Time to Be Alive and Views.

When Meek Mill initially started beef with Drake, it took Drizzy a few days to respond. However, the world saw and heard the devastation that took place after that wait. Since then, Mill has released various other diss tracks in efforts of redemption. Aside from the “All the Way Up” version, the most recent was Meek Mill’s remake of “Summer Sixteen” and “P.A.N.D.A.” as “Trap Vibes.” In case you haven’t heard that diss yet, you can listen to Meek Mill’s take on those tracks below.

[Disclaimer: The following audios contains explicit language. Discretion is advised.]

Meek Mill – Trap Vibes (Summer Sixteen/P.A.N.D.A. Remix)

And before that, Mill also released “War Pain.” In this song, similar to “All the Way Up,” Meek mentioned that he was in a hotel in Toronto, and Drake was supposedly upstairs.

Meek Mill feat. Omelly – War Pain

It’s obvious that Meek surely has a plethora of supporters still in his arsenal.

Nonetheless, while several people love Mill’s new version of the song, there are almost just as many saying “Just stop, Meek, please.”

How about yourself? What’s your take on the ongoing beef between Meek Mill and Drake? Do you think Drizzy should respond once more? Or do you think it should all be squashed and let bygones be bygones? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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