Jessica Parido Responds To Reza Farahan’s Accusation She Cheated On Mike Shouhed

Did Jessica Parido actually cheat on Mike Shouhed? That’s what Mike’s Shahs of Sunset co-star Reza Farahan strongly implied during his appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night. Reza said that when Mike was trying to win Jessica back, she was out getting expensive gifts from another man. Reza also said that Jessica tried to get back with Mike when her relationship with the other guy didn’t work out. Not surprisingly, Jessica, whose divorce to Mike is not yet finalized, didn’t like what Reza said about her. She lashed out at him on Twitter and Instagram.

On Watch What Happens Live, Andy asked Reza whether he thinks Mike or Jessica is more at fault for the demise of their marriage.

“Honestly, at this point, I think Jessica. She might of, sort of, been in a relationship when all of that was going down. Allegedly.”

When Andy asked Reza to clarify whether he’s saying that Mike wasn’t the only one cheating, Reza said that Jessica was out getting expensive gifts while Mike was trying to get her back.

“He was trying to get her back while she was getting a Rolls Royce and a Rolex and Chanel.”

When asked if he thinks Jessica, to whom he hasn’t spoken to since she filed for divorce in November, 2015, made the right choice, Reza said no. He claimed that Jessica tried to get back with Mike.

“Well clearly not because once the guy she was with started having his issues, she was wanting to come back to Mike.”

Reza also said that he knew that Mike cheated on Jessica. In regards to Mercedes “MJ” Javid’s claim, during her own appearance on Watch What Happens Live weeks ago, that she didn’t attend Mike and Jessica’s wedding last year because she knew he was cheating on Jessica, and Mike’s counter claim that he didn’t want MJ at the wedding because he didn’t want her to bring her mom, Vida, with her, Reza again took Mike’s side.

“She did know about the cheating allegations but the reason she didn’t come was because she didn’t get a plus one because Mike didn’t want, hello?!, who wants Vida at their wedding?! Come on.”

Jessica Parido had something to say about what Reza Farahan said about her in regards to her marriage to Mike Shouhed. Jessica called Reza a “s**t-starting a**hole.” She wrote that he has been backstabbing his so-called friends for five years now, and that it’s all for show.

“@RezaFarahan s**t starting a**hole. Don’t forget 5 years of backstabbing and s**t talking your ‘friends’ it’s all a show. Pathetic.”

Jessica also called Reza, along with MJ, “whack-a** b**ches” who have nothing better to talk about.

“Really do you whack a** b**ches have nothing better to discuss @RezaFarahan @MercedesJavid.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jessica last week accused MJ of being a fake cheerleader of her relationship with Mike.

On Instagram on Monday, in response to someone who asked her if what Reza said on Watch What Happens Live is true, Jessica pointed out that not even Mike has claimed that she cheated on him when they were still together.

“Could not be more false. I loved Mike with every piece of my soul. Funny how Reza is claiming I cheated and my own husband has never even said that. He is a s**t starting liar!”

On Tuesday, Jessica admitted that she needs to focus on more positive things after all the negative tweets.

The latest episode of Shahs of Sunset showed the cast in Palm Springs for Reza Farahan’s surprise wedding to Adam Neely. Prior to the trip, Reza went to Mike Shouhed’s home and asked why Jessica Parido left. Mike replied that he treated her rudely and neglected her. Later, he met up with Jessica in a restaurant and admitted that he was rude, neglectful, and focused on making money too much. When she asked him if that’s all he did and he didn’t answer the question, she let out an incredulous sigh. Hinting to the cheating, Jessica, in her confessional interview, said that she and Mike had underlying issues regarding trust from before they married.

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