June 14, 2018
Death Grips Deliver Album Release Date And New Song To Tide Fans Over

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, in recent months, experimental Sacramento group Death Grips have been mum on a release date for their upcoming album Year of the Snitch. It has been more than two years since their last album, Bottomless Pit, though last June the controversial group did release a chaotic 22-minute song entitled "Steroids (Crouching Tiger Hidden Gabber)." Since that time, the group has teased fans via Twitter with cryptic tweets and sporadic releases of new cuts from the album. While this cryptic behavior from Death Grips is nothing new, this time fans began wondering if the band was going to release the album one song at a time.

Such a strange method of release will not happen, however, as Pitchfork is reporting Death Grips have finally given fans what they've been clamoring for — a release date. Officially, the new album, Year of the Snitch will be released on June 22, 2018 for digital download. Also available in the coming months will be vinyl versions of the album, including a limited edition green vinyl, standard black, and an extremely limited "test pressing." Newbury Comics has also collaborated with the group on this release and will be releasing a bright red cassette tape for Year of the Snitch. Death Grips released multiple versions of their previous album, Bottomless Pit as well, which also includes a collaboration with Newbury.

To coincide with the announcement, Death Grips also released a new single, "Ha Ha Ha."

Year of the Snitch, as it happens, will drop the same day as another hotly anticipated album. Nine Inch Nails are set to release their new album, Bad Witch on June 22 as well. This would be reduced to a simple coincidence if it weren't for Death Grips' already sordid history with Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor. In 2014, Death Grips was booked for a Nine Inch Nails co-headlining Summer tour with Soundgarden — Death Grips were set to open every show. Unfortunately for Trent, Death Grips pulled out of the tour at the last minute, leaving the iconic musician to scramble for an opening act to bring along.

Getty Images | Rich Fury
Nine Inch Nails frontman and multi-instrumentalist Trent Reznor is probably not a huge fan of Death Grips.

As luck would have it, it isn't difficult to talk most rock bands into opening for a group as big as Nine Inch Nails, and Dillinger Escape Plan filled the void left by Death Grips. While there has been seemingly zero interaction between Death Grips and Trent Reznor since the incident, many fans are wondering if Death Grips' choice to release their album the same day as a new Nine Inch Nails record may be some kind of jab at the band. Either way, fans of experimental industrial music have quite a wonderful day to look forward to this month.

Death Grips performed an international tour with industrial pioneers Ministry to support of their last album, Bottomless Pit. while no tour has been announced to support Year of the Snitch as of yet, that will certainly be the next question Death Grips fans will be striving to answer.