Hamish And Andy’s Elaborate Dinosaur Prank, And Why They Couldn’t Convince People To Pay $2 To See Ed Sheeran Perform [Video]

Hamish and Andy, the Australian comedy duo composed of Hamish Blake and Andy Lee, the current hosts of their self-titled radio program, Hamish and Andy for The Drive Home, pulled a fast and sneaky prank on their unsuspecting co-workers recently. According to News.com.au, Hamish and Andy got their hands on the most expensive and most realistic looking dinosaur on the planet just to pull a prank on some of their co-workers at a parking lot.

The duo cleverly labeled the stunt as the “Jurassic Carpark” prank, which was the title of the video that they uploaded to YouTube.

The video showed how effective Hamish and Andy’s prank ultimately was, as it showed their co-workers screaming, shrieking, and squealing while a convincingly lifelike dinosaur was charging at them. One of their unsuspecting victims was so scared that she even wet her pants, which Hamish called a “code yellow.”

Stunts like having a dinosaur run toward their colleagues, causing widespread fear and chaos, are just one of the many stunts that the inventive pair conjures up for their listeners’ entertainment. According to the Daily Telegraph, Hamish and Andy have a reported salary of $4 million each, and their weekday drive show is helping lift up Southern Cross Austereo profits.

When Hamish and Andy returned to the national drive slot after several years being off the air, they dramatically boosted the revenue at the metropolitan radio business covering the Triple M and 2DayFM networks. Southern Cross Austereo had lost money in each of the financial years that Hamish and Andy had been pursuing other projects, but it has seen an increase in market share in both metro radio and regional television revenues since their return. Southern Cross Austereo also recorded a rise in first-half profits of 25.1 per cent.

The chief executive of Southern Cross Austereo, Grant Buckley, said that the company is making heavy investments to the strong radio business that they are currently commanding, with a particular focus on talent and marketing.

Buckley spoke on the plans for the company their future investments.

“We expect to derive increasing benefit from those investments in future periods. We’ve sunk considerable cost to re-establish our Sydney breakfast: we’ve brought on Hamish and Andy, which was a full six months of costs that weren’t there the prior year. And furthermore, we’ve increased marketing. We think that is about the right level of investment for those particular assets.”

Hamish and Andy managed to convince the network to take them back after their extended absence, and they also managed to convince someone else to do something recently too. According to News.com.au, Hamish and Andy convinced Ed Sheeran to take part in a different kind of peep show, where the public could pay $2 to see him sing for 30 seconds.

The idea of a peep show is a little lewd by its definition, but the one that Hamish and Andy set up left Ed Sheeran with all of his clothes on. Despite the venue looking very sketchy, to say the least, some people braved up and paid their $2 just to see Sheeran perform.

It did, however, take around two hours and 20 minutes before someone was willing to go inside and see the show. Just like for a “regular” peepshow, Ed Sheeran was inside the venue while Hamish stood outside dressed as a fairly shady-looking character, attempting to lure people in to see the show. The disguise was so shady that it ended up scaring off more bystanders than intriguing them. After the first two people entered, Hamish was able to attract just a few more even if it took some time to do so. Everyone who was brave enough to enter the room was treated to seeing and hearing the real Ed Sheeran perform his hit song, “Thinking Out Loud.”

[Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images]