School Closings: Novato High Shooting In San Francisco, Deadly Attack [Photos]

Novato High School is the scene of a vicious attack and has prompted closings due to yesterday's shooting incident. The suspects are still at large. According to sources, two victims were found on the premises of the American high school.

The San Francisco shooting occurred on May 25 near Novato High School. According to the San Francisco Gate, local authorities responded to the shooting around 5:30 p.m. They located one of the shooting victims close to Fairway Drive.

Fox News reports that the Novato shooting victim suffered a gunshot to the chest, with an accompanying exit wound to the back. Also, this person suffered multiple stab wounds. Immediately, the person was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. He is now in stable condition.

However, Novato police found a second victim as well. According to the source, the person had suffered a gunshot wound to the head and was pronounced dead at the scene. The victim also suffered stabs wounds.

As of this writing, authorities haven't released the names or ages of the two shooting victims. Three suspects are believed to have been involved and have not been identified, according to reports. However, they have been described as Hispanic males. According to KRON-4 News, Novato police had detained one male who seemingly fit one of the shooting suspects' descriptions. However, they released the person after further evaluation.

Marin County Sheriff's Lieutenant Doug Pittman conducted a press conference this morning. During this time, he revealed that the two shooting victims were confirmed as students of Novato High School. While he noted that the shooting investigation was "very active," he couldn't disclose any information regarding possible suspects at that time. However, overall, he wanted to convey that there are no current threats to the community as a whole, reports Patch.
Right now, Marin County Sheriff's Department's crime scene investigation unit, with the assistance of Search and Rescue, is on location to gather evidence regarding the shooting incident.
The student-involved shooting prompted Novato High School to temporarily close on May 26, as the San Francisco crime scene is still under investigation. Accordingly, Novato High School representatives also released a statement regarding the shooting.

In that statement, school principal Matt Baldwin and superintendent Jim Hogeboom expressed their condolences for the shooting victims in yesterday's events. Essentially, they mentioned that the incident would affect the very fabric of the Novato High School community. Moreover, they wanted to ensure students, parents, and the rest of the community that the school is fully cooperating with local authorities in the shooting investigation as needed.

As a measure of safety, the school's closing would help keep others away from potential dangers due to the uncertainty of the situation.

"Our focus is on supporting the families of those involved and all of students and staff who will be impacted by this tragedy. We have implemented our school's emergency plan to respond to the situation and to help our students and their families. Students and staff will react in different ways to emergencies of this nature, so we will have school psychologists and counselors available to assist as they express their feelings related to this event on Tuesday, May 31."

Novato High School's leaders also requested that parents pay close attention to their children over the next few weeks, checking for signs and symptoms of distress. They mention that it could indicate that they require additional support and guidance.

Novato High School is part of the Novato Unified School District and is located at 625 Arthur Street in Novato, California. The school mentioned that it would be the only school in the district to close.

All in all, how do you feel about the student-involved shooting and school's closing? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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