US Troops Plotted To Kill Obama, Developing Story Indicates

Ludowici, GA — Four US troops plotted to kill President Obama, going so far as to kill another two people who were aware of the plot in a story for which only scant details have been provided for thus far.

Armed with $87,000 worth of weapons, the troops that plotted to kill Obama were said to have been planning a large set of terrorist activities, including assassinating the President as well as bombing major targets and overthrowing the federal government.

Pfc. Michael Burnett pled guilty today to manslaughter as well as gang-related activity in the December killings of former soldier Michael Roark and Roark’s girlfriend, 17-year-old Tiffany York. In the case against Burnett, Roark and York were referred to as “loose ends,” killed because of their knowledge of the assassination plot.

The initial report on the plot to kill Obama by the US troops refers to an “anarchist militia within the U.S. military with plans to overthrow the federal government,” and details what we know so far, disclosed earlier today:

“Prosecutor Isabel Pauley says the group bought $87,000 worth of guns and bomb-making materials and plotted to take over Fort Stewart, bomb targets in nearby Savannah and Washington state, as well as assassinate the president.”


Little else is known about the alleged plot to kill Obama, and the names of the other soldiers thought to be involved in the treasonous plans were not disclosed in the initial report. For instance, it is not known if Roark is one of the four accused of planning to kill the president, or if the plot involved others.