Green Bay Police Officer Did What He Had To Do, Wasn’t Too Rough

*This Video is an original video taken at the site of arrest and does contain profanity

In Green Bay yesterday a video posted on social media site, Facebook. Allegedly showed a police officer abusing a citizen. However, Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith said that the officer did precisely what he was intended to do.

“It was not only justifiable, it’s exactly what we want our officers to do,”

Smith reported earlier Thursday after viewing and studying the video in-depth.

According to the Green Bay Gazette, the video, taken and posted on Facebook by a citizen witness of Green Bay, appears to show Officer Dave VanErem manhandling and then cuffing a struggling and non-compliant Jesus Ramos-Sanchez, 23 of Green Bay. VanErem who happened to be running radar in the 900 block of Lime Kiln Road around 5 p.m. Wednesday when he gauged Ramos-Sanchez going over the speed limit, doing 46 mph in a 25 mph zone, Green Bay Chief, Smith stated.

Ramos-Sanchez entered his parent’s driveway, then proceeded to back away from Officer VanErem as the he attempted to issue Ramos-Sanchez a ticket, Smith said. Eventually, Officer VanErem grabbed Ramos-Sanchez by the arm. Ramos-Sanchez then began to act in a non-compliant manner and struggled to get away, so Officer VanErem placed him up against the car, forced his arms behind him and handcuffed him, all of this can be seen in the video that was taken by a Green Bay citizen.

Unfortunately, the video does not show any prior events that led up to Ramos-Sanchez being cuffed. The video, taken in Green Bay at the arrest site is just over 90,000 views, and not even a full 24 hours old.

Facebook commenters claimed that Ramos-Sanchez struggled because he had a broken arm and was in excruciating pain. Unfortunately for Ramos-Sanchez, police learned as he was being booked into the Brown County Jail that he had broken a collarbone about a year ago and was in fact, uninjured during Wednesday’s incident, Smith said.

Officer VanErem used an appropriate amount of force, and Ramos-Sanchez, who would have gotten just a speeding violation, ended up being placed under arrested for resisting arrest and non-compliance, Green Bay police Chief, Smith said. Smith also quoted his own belief in not being able to fully address if Ramos-Sanchez was truly in the wrong, based off the video since it began during the arrest only.

“Just because you’re in your driveway doesn’t mean you’re in some kind of safe zone, – I obviously can’t say whether the officer was right or wrong, and the main reason is, the video starts after the incident is under way.”

Members of the public viewing the video should be careful of forming opinions, said Chris Ahmuty, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin. He also proceeded to say;

“We don’t really hear from (Ramos-Sanchez), we hear from Mr. Vasquez (the man who posted the incident to Facebook), who is interpreting, so I have no idea if the shoulder is broken. Officers don’t have a built-in MRI, to know whether the bone is weak or injured.”

Officer VanErem wouldn’t have violated any Green Bay policies on arrests or use of force, Ahmuty said.

Viewers should also look at the video and understand that many times in the video the officer was surrounded by people that could have potentially caused a threat to him.

Despite the fact that the majority of VanErem’s anti-fans on the Facebook posting were Hispanic, it is unlikely that this incident will sever police relations with members of the Green Bay Hispanic community.

“We’ll continue to reach out to members of the Spanish-speaking community,”

This is a crucial time for police force anywhere and not just Green Bay, as they are attempting to move forward from prior police brutality charges and slayings, that have proven to be unfortunate for all parties involved.

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We will continue to post updates to this Green Bay arrest story as they are made available.

[Photo: Courtesy of Brown County Jail]