‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Creator Says It May Be Too Late To Save Beloved Character

The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, is a master at playing with fans’ emotions, and he’s really laying it on thick while viewers are eagerly waiting for Season 7 to arrive.

Kirkman appeared at Hawaii Comic-Con earlier this week, and was happy to answer fan questions. However, his answers were more than a bit disturbing to Walking Dead viewers.

According to WetPaint, one fan asked who Negan would kill, and when Kirkman revealed that he couldn’t answer that, the fan only asked that he not kill fan favorite character, Glenn Rhee.

“I’ll take that under advisement but it may be too late.”

Could this mean that Glenn is the unlucky character who was beaten to death by Negan’s bat in the Walking Dead Season 6 finale? Fans have been going wild about Robert’s recent hint that Glenn could be a goner come Season 7, but many know not to take too much of what he says to heart.

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In the past, Kirkman as played with Walking Dead fans’ emotions by teasing possibly spoilers and storylines. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, during Hawaii Comic-Con, Robert even revealed that Rick and Daryl will die — eventually.

Robert Kirkman even implied that young Carl Grimes, whom many fans believe to be the show’s endgame, could kick the bucket.

“I don’t play favorites. They all die eventually… Carl.”

Meanwhile, Walking Dead fans are all about trying to figure out who was killed in the Season 6 finale. While many still believe that it was Glenn Rhee, who is Negan’s victim in the comic book series, there are many possible victims.

Some fans believe that Daryl Dixon, who is arguably the most popular character on the show, could have been the one to be brutally beaten to death. However, new evidence from the Season 7 set suggests that Daryl won’t be the one who dies, but that he could possibly be kidnapped by super villain, Negan.

Names such as Michonne and Maggie have also been thrown around, but besides Glenn and Daryl, the only other popular theory is that Abraham will be revealed as the victim when The Walking Dead returns in October for Season 7.

Abraham had a very emotional episode in the Season 6 finale. Not only did he finally make peace with his best friend, Eugene, but he also revealed to his girlfriend, Sasha, exactly how he felt about her, as the two planned for the future. Abe even compared the duo to the show’s power couple, Glenn and Maggie.

The Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers: Does Abraham die?
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It seems that Abraham took care of all of his unfinished business during the episode, which could spell bad news for the character. He was at peace at the time of Negan’s big kill scene, and since his comic book death of an arrow through the head was given to Dr. Denise in Season 6, the character was officially freed up to take over Glenn’s comic book death on the show.

The Walking Dead fan theories continue to roll in as fans speculate and try to confirm which character will bite the dust in Season 7. However, the show has been keeping a very tight lid on all things spoilers.

Many scenes for the show have been filmed inside the studio rather than outside. This is likely to keep the actors away from the prying eyes of paparazzi and fans, because the more the actors are seen on set, the less likely they are to have been Negan’s victim.

No matter what happens in The Walking Dead Season 7, one thing is clear. It is going to be a very rough season for all the remaining characters, and the loss of their fallen family member, no matter who that person is, will be hard on the entire group.

What are your thoughts on the latest Walking Dead spoilers? Do you think Glenn will be the one who dies in Season 7?

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